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Rusty Rogers: A Burning Question About Liz Cheney For Rod Miller

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By Rusty Rogers, guest columnist

I enjoy reading Rod Millers articles and consider him an excellent writer, though I don’t always agree with him.

I found his question concerning the Liz Cheney interesting and his answer more so. I was surprised to learn that he seemed to lean in her favor but not too surprised. He did miss some small points though.

It may indeed be that Liz is forcing people to choose a path and patron earlier than they would normally have too but I think her hatred of Donald J Trump is far more basic.

It is hatred, clearly. Donald was not kind to her father and she is most definitely Daddy’s girl. Liz will never forgive Trump for that indiscretion.

Combine that emotion with the desire to carry on her father’s legacy and you have a powerful drive to destroy her perceived enemy, Trump.

Her father made it to the White House but not to the chair he, and everyone in politics, wanted. Liz wants that chair. She does not intend to get to that chair in the new direction of the GOP. She intends to get there with the old Republican party.

That party is precisely why Trump was elected by the silent majority. We are sick and damn tired of our Constitution being traded for someone’s career. Like McConnell and most of the old repubs the word of the day every day is compromise.

The trouble is they never seemed to realize that the democrats were far better negotiators than they were. It became more of a weird two step. Democrats would take two steps forward and the republicans would take two steps backward.

Compromise became retreat and we just got tired of no one caring about anything but the noisy left. The loud noise we made was electing Trump. Like his personality or not, (I don’t) he did more good for everyone in this country than any President in our history.

Liz Cheney is counting on the top opposing candidate (s) being brought down by background information that ceased having any real meaning decades ago or barring that, winning on the plurality. Since our state congress did not have the cojones to get a runoff bills passed she just may achieve that not so lofty goal.

It really doesn’t matter how conservative your values are, how much you support the constitution if you would rather go against the wishes of the vast majority of your constituents than work with someone you may not like.

Afterall we all recognize that politics is a take no prisoners blood sport and if you don’t like the smell of blood, you’re in the wrong business.

This country is at the point of no return, if we do not get back on track and remember our roots, America will collapse. Worse,

if America fails, the world fails, and China wins. Liz is not the one that can help takes us there. For myself, I have yet to talk to or read about the one who can.

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Rusty Rogers: It’s Time To Choose, Are We Socialists Or Not?

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By Rusty Rogers, guest columnist

To those who watch closely or even just occasionally, it’s clear by now that the left is indeed trying to change America into a socialist country.

Recent actions and inactions have removed all doubt to all but the least aware or the greatest deniers.

Why you might ask, would any sane person try to destroy the most successful and freest nation to ever exist. Can’t help you with that. My personal belief is extreme psychosis of some sort, or runaway greed. Bottom line, it is happening; what all of us decide to do about it is so important I can’t find the words.

Some I have talked to believe we are at the beginning of the end as noted in the Bible. I discussed this before and like then I’m not prepared to argue against the idea.

I firmly believe that God does not intend for us to just give it all up. He ordained this country and then placed us here to guide and protect true liberty. We have been singularly lazy and careless so now we have to buck up and perform our duty.

The left has a small army and it’s very active. In fact, they have two armies, BLM and ANTIFA. They are killing people and trust me, it’s going to get worse. The corporations are going to bow to the greatest noise and threat. They don’t want an angry customer base so whatever the bullies want, they get.

MLB moved out of Georgia and into Colorado because it was demanded of them. It’s going to turn out to be a bad idea or should. Those young totally non-productive members of the armies of the left are not the fans that support the game and players. You and I are. Full disclosure, l used to be. Never again will I spend one buck on what was once my favorite sport.

It’s pretty clear the move had nothing to do with election laws because the two states have nearly identical laws with Colorado being slightly tougher, so the law was not the reason. Canceling was. If Georgia gives in it will be very, very bad. We have GOT to start fighting back. It’s time to declare who you are.

America is supposed to be a meritocracy, where you have the right to opportunity but not the guarantee of success. You see, that comes with honest effort, not burning cars in the street until you get what you want.

If you want to wear a mask and carry a club and pepper spray to intimidate and injure, you need to be met with force and stopped. Not killed unless absolutely necessary, but justice needs to return to America in the form it was intended. You need to stand trial and if found guilty, punished.

We the people need to stand up to the bullies. When a citizen is forced to defend his or her life, the attacker must be arrested not the victim. That will require taking back control of our cities and towns and that will require becoming involved. Involved to the  extent necessary whatever that may be. It’s time to once again be what we are and were always meant to be. Tough.

If someone claims you hurt their feelings and wants you to be silenced, tell them no. Tell them to grow up and act like an adult. Choose your own words. Let no one tell you what you can say or what you can think. Understand the you are not a racist or xenophobe. The one accusing you, is.

 Support people who, like you, want their free country back. The truth is that America is no longer a free country. It is far from it. If a small group of paid anarchists can force a huge corporation to do their bidding, if they can dictate behavior and language to an entire country, if a non-elected bureaucrat can shut down an entire nation, we are not free.

The masks they told you had to be worn everywhere turned out to be less than 2% effective. I suspect that was known all along. The virus we were told required long contact is actually airborne. I’m told that the lethality turns out to be less than half that of the normal flu. Which, by the way, we seem to have become immune to. Tongue in cheek.

SARS-2  is a virus that can be very deadly to many people but not to the vast majority, I believe. I think that Dr. Tony Fauci knew that, if he didn’t know he was a very useful dupe. The virus was used to make time and opportunity to ensure that Trump never returned to the White House. The millions of deaths worldwide were of little consequence to those who wanted that particular goal.

We don’t know the future –  it may indeed be the beginning of the tribulation. This I do know it is not going to be a walk in the park. If ever there was a period in the history of the United States that proved the wisdom of our founders and the need for the second amendment, it is now.

We made some good progress this year in Cheyenne but not to the point that we should have. I go back to what I often say, we have to change Cheyenne.

Stop electing RINOs and get the people in there we should have. Wyoming is the reddest state in the nation but our state congress is purple with a red cape.

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Rusty Rogers: CDC Claims Just One Case Of Flu This Past Year – What’s Up With That?

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By Rusty Rogers, guest columnist

Since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic I have been greatly concerned that the American public was giving up its freedom with very little evidence of danger. That and we have known from the start of this country that if you trade liberty for so-called security, you will lose both.

  According to the CDC there has been only one case of the regular flu this season. Not one death, one single CASE. Either they are lying through their teeth and every case of flu is being called Covid, or the human race has suddenly become immune to the flu.

  That agency also just released data that three feet is enough space between people, not six. The truth is that they have discovered the spacing made no difference at all. They have also admitted that schools did not need to be shut down at all. The teacher’s unions are what are keeping schools shut down. It’s much more fun to get paid to stay home I guess. Evidence is now showing that masking did little to nothing, in fact the CDC just released findings indicating the masks are about 1% effective. 80 to 90% of those who test positive state they wore masks faithfully. Depending on the area tested.

  We were told that there were no treatments for the virus at the beginning and that information was used to frighten the entire world into blind obedience. The truth now coming out was that Trump was right. Hydroxychloroquine is between 90 and 98% effective depending on which of the numerous studies you look at. Still right now as I right, you can only get it in Wyoming for arthritis.

  Our state health official, Dr. Harrist, is an appointee of the CDC and is sticking to the deep state left wing mantra. We could have taken control of our own state health service, but our state congress killed it. So much for the state looking out for us. We need to rethink who we elect. Oh wait, I’ve said that many times before haven’t I?

  It is becoming clearer every day that the knowledge about the virus, I mean the true knowledge, was available all the time. This means the virus was used to force a drastic change in the way the United States is governed. That change was the true goal the whole time.

  It may be just a coincidence, something I don’t believe in, but isn’t it strange that mass shooters come in groups. That they appear at times when the Democrats are pushing more gun control, and we then find out the FBI knew about them all along. It’s almost as though some knew just what buttons to push and when. That has struck me as odd for several years. It is one of the reasons I no longer trust the alphabet agencies.

  We allowed a government agency with no authority to tell us which businesses are essential. Knowing full well all businesses are essential. Especially to those who own and work at those businesses. It is said that civil disobedience is patriotic, so let’s be patriotic and go about our business. Let’s demand the treatments that really work are immediately made available and let’s demand that those we elect take control of our state. Not someone appointed from a government office in Atlanta GA.

  We have a weak president and a weak state governor. We have to contact Cheyenne and tell them to do their job and quit worrying about naming highways. Mark Gordon was educated in an eastern Ivy League College and served on the board of the Sierra Club. We cannot and should not expect him to hold our values and protect our interests, in addition due to party jumpers, we have several, possibly many, RINOs in Cheyenne. Every election year we see the reports on how many democrats switch to republican during the primary to affect the final out- come of our elections. The runoff bill requiring a true majority would have cleaned that up, need I say more?

  The state of Arizona has finally got a bill passed and is starting a full forensic audit of the ballots and machinery. A very good thing it is too, however, after this long if there is any evidence left on the machinery it’s because someone really screwed up. I do hope they find the truth but I doubt it, even I could hide evidence after this long.

  The state of Georgia is still trying to get the chain of control paperwork on 56 of their 152 counties. Nearly 400,000 mail in ballots. The kicker is that all ballots and the paper work showing the chain of evidence from the drop box to count room is required to be turned in immediately after the election.  Fulton County, where the security tapes showing the ballot cheating were filmed, is the worst of the lot. The largest number of the 400K ballots were from Fulton Co. and at the latest statement they claimed they weren’t even sure they still could find them.

Wow! Yep, nothing nefarious going on there.

  Georgia just passed a bill to improve their election integrity and it really has the left up in arms! I, unlike so many on aforementioned left, actually took time to read the bill. Like the House’s poorly named For The people Bill, it was amazingly tedious to read. I suppose they all are, legalese being what it is. They are agitated about the not being able to get water while on que, wrong. You can get water from an unmanned fountain or bring it with you. They are stopping the practice of on line electioneering, folks handing out water and food while wearing campaign attire. Sometimes the water bottles are labeled with campaign slogans. That is what it is about.

  Of course, there is the usual howling about voter ID. As I’ve said before, pure BS. At the same time, they are hollering that the ID laws are racist and too difficult for the poor, they are requiring an ID for the vaccine. You also need a picture ID or drivers-license almost everything in our once free country. A bank account, cough medicine, a pack of cigs, beer, cash or write a check. We run on IDs and should vote on it as well. Some 72% of all Americans in a recent Gallup Poll were in favor of voter ID.  Some 56% of Democrats and 91% of Republicans.

  The democratic socialists are insisting on no voter ID, not because their base wants it, they don’t, but because a voter ID would stop their takeover of America in its tracks, or at least the largest phase of it.

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Rusty Rogers: Small Nukes, Rare Earths, Carbon Capture Great Ideas For Wyoming

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By Rusty Rogers, guest columnist

  I have never been on the board of a power company or done any research on power plants, other than that any Wyomingite should have been doing for the last few years. I do watch what is happening in Cheyenne, as much as I can. I do far too much trusting in the folks we elect. We’ve all had some hard lessons the last year or so on that subject.

  I think we can all agree that the[S1]  Trump years made some things very clear. Lowering taxes and reducing the government footprint on our necks is excellent for the economy. Raising taxes and regulations is bad and never does what the politicians promise it will.

  We need to change some things here in God’s Country and I’m hearing some very good ideas. The carbon capture technology they are currently looking at in Cheyenne I must confess I, for some reason, thought was already in play. That’s on me, it must move ahead. It’s not just good for business but for Wyoming and nature.

  Small ultra-safe nuclear plants extremely good, love the idea. We are ideally situated geographically to be a real power player without substantially increasing our population. It will go up, has to, but not too much we hope.

  We also have the option of rare earth metals and maybe the manufacture of the items that require them.     But power is and for the very long foreseeable future, will be and I really like the several options I’m seeing in the daily by a couple of writers.

  I detest it when politicians raise taxes, it seems it’s the first thing they want to do and they all know it doesn’t work. I’m glad we had to do the cutbacks, it was overdue.

Education is changing, we need to change with it.

  As I mentioned in a column some time ago, in the 2 decades prior to Trump the wage for the Wyoming state employees went up 139% while the average for private sector stagnated and in some cases went down. So maybe we hold off on raises for a while.  

  We have coal, gas, uranium, knowledge and ability. We can be the power supplier 24/7/365 to most of the nation. Raising taxes at this time would slow all of that down.

  Wind at it’s best is about 60% efficient and we are at   about 45 now, solar tops out at 33% and we’ve reached 20. It will be a long time before either are more than supplements. The power we can supply will always be needed.

  So, Wally Wolski and Bill Sniffin, thank you for your insightful and thought provoking articles. Now send a copy to each and every Senator and Representative in Cheyenne. Maybe it’ll help.

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Rusty Rogers: Rod Miller Is Wrong About Acquiring Federal Land

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By Rusty Rogers, guest columnist

Once again our state legislature is looking at the possibility of reclaiming the land the federal government laid claim to in 1890. One member of the Cowboy State Daily family (Rod Miller) has said that surrendering that land was wisdom. I am not sure why giving up millions of acres is wisdom.

Before placing the statehood committee on a pedestal, it would probably be a good idea to find out why they would do such a thing when even then it was clear there was a fortune under the land. Coal, oil and various other minerals some of which are only now being recognized as valuable.

I far as I can find out it was a compromise of sorts. It is clear if you look into the actions of the federal congress at the time that state hood was not going to happen unless the land was surrendered. Wisdom or coercion.

Once a territory becomes a state the federal government has no authority to retain land without their permission or release. Hence the request to surrender the untitled land prior to statehood.

Constitutionally the federal government may acquire and retain land for its enumerated powers. This includes parcels for military bases, post offices, and housing for federal employees engaged in enumerated functions. It grants no authority to retain acreage for non-enumerated purposes or to retain land once a territory becomes a state.  Research by Rob Natelson.

It cannot, however, just hand land back to the states willy nilly. There are methods and rules to be followed. It would in short be a mess.

More liberal writers and courts have taken a somewhat different view of the subject but none have disagreed with Rob’s findings. However disappointed they might be. Land is power and wealth and that’s why the federal government wants it. It’s also why Wyoming wants it back.

It should be in the hands of the states or the people. There are very good reasons our founders limited the ability of the government to own land. Though some of our more liberal brethren believe the feds to have the power to own and land for any reason, considering carefully the words of our founders it is quite clear they would not have wanted that at all.

So, do we take our land back or not. Yes we should own all the non-private titled land within the state boundaries excepting the national parks, military bases etc. Do we want to go through that right now? Probably not. Many Wyomingites are very much against the idea. Mainly those who make their living on the loosely regulated federal lands.

I personally think we should first fix our own land use laws. They are designed specifically for the protection of large agriculture and ranches also mining, drilling etc. But not for the public. That needs fixing first. Wyoming state public land use laws are not people friendly. Let’s fix that first.

The state of our country right now needs our attention far more than a renewal of the Sage Brush Rebellion. The state of Wyoming is under attack from the so-called democratic socialists now running things in DC. Our legislature need to be paying attention to defending the state’s rights and liberty.

Some of this year’s bills are in that direction. First things first.

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Rusty Rogers: Solar And Wind Are Only Supplemental Energy Sources

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By Rusty Rogers, guest columnist

 A lot of people in the west and throughout the US have learned something, windmills do freeze. They do even here in Wyoming. Sadly, even when they’re running in warm weather they only achieve about 45% efficiency. That’s horrible! No investor except the federal government would invest in something that can’t even break 50%!

  Government investment means you and I are wasting a ton of money. Windmills springing up all over our prairies like thistles in the middle of your lawn. Just as ugly too. Surprise surprise! They only work when the wind is blowing at the right speed and it isn’t too cold. Winds little brother solar isn’t much better as so many a finding out. In the winter in south Texas electricity is at moderate to low demand until suddenly a once in a century storm hits and temps plummet.

   As you would assume the demand for power sky rockets. Texans suddenly need to use something they are very unfamiliar with, home heat. Only since the green power folks have talked Texas into getting rid of some of their efficient and reliable coal fired generators, they have replaced about 25% of their power with wind and solar. The funny thing about solar is that when you have a storm the sun is covered and generation does not occur.

  I would like to point out at this time that as many, many of us have known for a long time, wind and solar are supplements, not replacements. Not as so many on the left would like, main supplies. Trivia for you, Wyoming coal is some of the cleanest coal available and new technology puts it very close to natural gas in that regard.

  Now that we have discussed the power issue vis a vie the storm, why is the right now at fault for the whole problem?

  According to AOC the problem is that they didn’t put up enough windmills, or something like that. When she espouses her ideas I find it difficult to follow sometimes. Coherency is a little on the slim side with her. She could be right, if 1000 fail maybe 10,000 could fail even better or maybe a little slower.

  So that’s one: conservatives are responsible for the failure of windmills and solar and a winter storm.

  According to the news on several stations many black Americans are concerned and even a little afraid of the vaccines. Dr. Lorette Oden says it’s because of the syphilis experiments prior to WWII at Muskogee. That experiment was run by the eugenics movement of the early 20th century so therefore it’s the fault of whites. Not the experiments so much as the continuing fear.

  She is partially correct. Most of the doctors involved were white. Actually as far as I can find out, they all were. But you have to ask yourself why would anyone carry such a fear for nearly a century? Especially since they seem to have a near worship for another fan of eugenics. Eugenics aimed directly at black Americans like an arrow. Margaret Sanger. That’s right the founder of planned parenthood.

  The premium eugenics organization that was founded to reduce poverty by the elimination poor people “especially the negro race.” A bunch of morons thought they could play God so all whites are to blame. The only possible way that fear could last a century and ignore the obvious hypocrisy is if someone worked very hard through the media and schools to make sure it did.

  Someone I loved very much was horribly assaulted many years ago by a black American but you know, I never considered that a black issue, I did however consider it a crime issue. It absolutely never meant that all blacks are bad. That would be as stupid blaming all whites for Muskogee. More, this particular fear has been laid at the feet of the right.

   So that’s two: conservatives are responsible for a fear of vaccines among black Americans. May I say wow?

  I believe I should rethink my direction here. It seems I’m attempting to utilize logic when discussing the left. Oil and water.

  Which brings me to section 3; guns do not kill people, evil people kill people. Jim Jones killed 919 people with Kool-Aid. The only folks killed with guns at Jonestown were a senator, (no comment), and 4 others including a reporter.

  Biden has just requested congress bring him a bill that would eliminate private firearm ownership in the United States. All without saying so. It’s a sneaky underhanded attempt to avoid the Constitution.

  He wants registration of all firearms. I’ve heard a lot of talk about how this would allow the thieves to know where all the guns are and which homes have the best ones. Who cares about the thieves? The biggest gang of thieves in the world would know where all your guns are, the government!

  No semi auto guns, no mags over 5 rounds. An annual license fee and a psychiatric examination. A requirement for an insurance policy costing $800, removing any and all protection for manufacturers causing them to do just what the left wants. Stop making guns in the US. To all of those democrats who poo pooed and said he won’t really do that, come on over. There are some things I’d like to talk over with you. Right after your psychiatric exam.

  Now of course this is the fault of the republicans, these extreme measures have to be taken because we just don’t have common sense, it’s our own fault. Like every dirt bag that hit his wife or girlfriend, it was her fault.

  Our guns have to be removed in order for Biden and his friends around the world to build their globalist system. Biden made his policies clear in the recent G7 virtual summit. It’s the world first, America last. Congratulations to us.

  In the Time magazine article the democratic party laid out how they made sure the election went their way. How the people were treated like school children in order for Trump to be pushed aside to make room for the global agenda. The policy on guns that Biden wants sounds eerily similar to the recommendations of the UN from about 15 years ago.

  We are being forced into a socialist, globalist existence whether we want it or not. For our own good. How do you like that, how does it feel to be treated with such contempt and disdain? I’m not thrilled. You understand it’s not just the right being treated like a serf or a child. It’s everyone. Left, right and in between. Lucky us.

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Rogers: America Is Not The Big Bad Wolf On Pollution

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By Rusty Rogers, guest columnist

Worldwide the seemingly biggest concern on the minds of politicians is climate change. A very ambiguous term taking in a whole raft of climatic markers. Markers that have been turned into politically correct ammunition used to attack anyone who dares to disagree.

Now as I’ve said many times before, the climate is changing. In fact it has been changing for a little over 4 billion years and will continue to do so. It is the height of arrogance to think we can affect that in any significant way. If you have been paying attention you already know that the US output of pollution has been decreasing steadily for decades while other nations have increased. America is NOT the big bad wolf the left and their media want you to think it is.

The decrease is due to several things. Regulations, of course, forced operators to act more quickly than they would have if left to their own devices. I think they would have made the necessary changes in any case because society would have forced them.

I would not be surprised if a great many of you reading this are well aware of the need for conservation because of your life. A background in agriculture, very prominent in our state, whether it be farming, ranching, logging etc. means you understand the need for care of our planet. Additionally, most of us know God and his command for us to be good stewards of this planet, our home.

We also know that everything must be balanced in a way that provides care for the planet and care for the people who live on it. Today though, as is usual for humans, certain of our society have gone and are going, too far. We’ve learned new, more sustainable ways of farming and ranching and barring too much interference from the USDA, we are making progress in timber.

Now we’ve been forced into accepting the degradation of our prairies and scenery for wind power but is it helping? The top end limit to the efficiency of wind power is 60% for mainly obvious reasons. It doesn’t blow all the time and not always at the optimum speed. We are currently at about 45%, pretty near the top.

Solar power plants are cropping up all over the place these days to help save the day. The top end efficiency of solar is about 33% and we currently stand at around 26%. Again, pretty darn close to the limit.

If we want to be able to use either wind or solar when they are not producing we need storage, batteries. The biggest battery plant in the US is the Tesla plant in Nevada. It would take them 500 years to produce enough batteries to store one days use of electricity in America.

Modern electric car batteries weigh about 1000lbs but require 250 tons of mined materials to produce. Including but not limited to rare earth metals which are used in cell phones also. Those materials will have to be mined somewhere and it’s going to require an incredible amount of mining to fill the demand. Where will those mines be?

Right now, most rare earth metals come from China and I’m sure they would thoroughly enjoy continuing to control the flow of them. However, rare earths are not the end of the list.

A 100-megawatt wind farm uses 30,000 tons of iron ore, 50,000 tons of concrete, and 900 tons of nonrecyclable plastics. For solar the requirements are 150% greater including the rare earths. All of this will require an increase of between 200 and 2000 % in mining. Our only choice will be to disturb formerly protected areas. Wilderness areas. Some of those rare earth deposits are right here in Wyoming. So, they will stop us from pumping oil and ask us to mine rare earths.

The cost of one oil well is approximately the same as one wind turbine. That turbine produces the energy equivalent of one barrel of oil per hour, the well 10 barrels per hour and some have been pumping for over 100 years. The cost to store one barrel of oil is about 50cents, batteries for one hour of wind turbine, 200$.

Mining, refining and building those solar and wind farms requires vast amounts of conventional energy and very likely most of it will occur in areas with greatly reduced regulation. So, pollution goes up again in the same places as today. And what about waste?

Have you heard anyone speaking about the handling of what will obviously be enormous amounts of waste. In fact, studies have shown that by 2050 the waste from “renewable” power sources will exceed all other waste. Yikes!

  Remember I mentioned the continuing decrease in pollution in the US? That is going to keep getting better as we learn how to more efficiently utilize those carbon based fuels we have in such abundance. Personally, I would rather see a tan painted gas well, barely noticeable, than a mine in the Savage Run Wilderness. I’m also pretty sure that a Jeep or Suburban powered by LNG is way more fun than one powered by batteries.

 The preceding information is from Dr. Mark Wills, Senior Fellow of the Manhattan Institute of Prager University. Thank God there are still a few academics with common sense.

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Rusty Rogers: When It Comes To Elections, Tell Me It’s Not So

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By Rusty Rogers, guest columnist

Like the founders of this great nation, I have great faith in the average American. A faith that is being eroded at an amazing pace! 

  The Democrats spend endless hours on every medium that will allow them talking about freedom. Free speech, free press, etc, and the rest of their time is spent eliminating those liberties for everyone that disagrees with them.

  You cannot sneak false ballots in at 4:30 in the morning to change the outcome of an election and call it a fair election. You can’t threaten to kill lawyers working for your opponent and call it freedom. You can’t abuse and threaten the families of election certifiers and call yourself decent. That’s just plain despicable!!

  How can we allow this farce to go on? At 11:30 at night Trump is ahead in PA by over 800,000 votes, by morning he is losing. Something even the most liberal mathematician calls a statistical impossibility. Yet the left asks us to accept it and activist judges will not allow any interference.

  If this is not corrected the integrity of American elections is forever gone. The same methods were used on senate races and if Georgia goes, the constitution will die and no Republican will ever enter the Whitehouse again. If you liberals try to say I’m just a fear monger, I would suggest you review the political history of CA, OR, WA, MN, etc. for the last 50 years.

When dishonest people are allowed to steal an election, it is all over. Like using voting machines that are well known to be vulnerable to hacking and are corrupted by a vote altering logarithm.

I first saw a news story about Dominion machines and their problems in 2015 so I’ve got to figure that the bigwigs in the Democrat party were also aware of them. Which, I assume is the very reason they continued to use them. These are things that go in other countries, third world countries, not the United States!

Since the founding of this great country, we have known the most serious, threatening attacks would come from within but who knew it would be like this. Thousands dying because the deep staters in control of the FDA refuse to give the go ahead to HCQ. Why would someone do that? How could they possibly be okay with it?

Uganda as I’ve mentioned before is a big user of HCQ* and at this point has reached the level of 100 SARS-2 deaths. One hundred, in a population of over 45 million and a 3rd world health system.

We could be doing that good right here in Wyoming except for having a governor with the backbone of an octopus and a deep state doctor for our state health director. “course our state congress could fix that pretty quick but most of them are cut from the same cloth it seems.

I am angered and appalled by the callousness of the left’s actions yet I shouldn’t be at all surprised. The CCP drove over those who disagreed with tanks, Stalin just lined them up and shot them or they just disappeared. Pol Pot did the same, everywhere in the world that socialism gains control, no matter the level, (socialism, Marxism, communism), people die.

The Communist Party USA once published a manifesto that stated an estimated 25 million Americans would have to die for the party to gain control. (Got a feeling I’m on that list too).

I know that this is all the fault of my generation, mine and my parents and that saddens and angers me. It is bad enough that we are leaving our children a debt they can never pay. We are also leaving them on the edge of losing their liberty. Of economic disaster brought on by socialism which will impoverish them until freedom is once again found.

This virus was used and is still being used to create fear all over the world. Fear allows those who crave power to gain power. The fear has been used to shut down nations all over the world. Those shutdowns have caused far more deaths than the virus they purport to control.

We have seen an astounding rise in crimes of all types and the attack on law enforcement has made it exponentially worse. Why would anyone do this to their own people? Minneapolis has seen a 156% rise in violent crime so the city council decided to reduce the police budget. Brilliant. 

Democrat governors and mayors insist on even more severe and continuing lockdowns in spite of the evidence of damage to society and individuals. Doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result, capital thought! Maybe they haven’t heard about Albert Einstein.

I have to say this though it may hurt feelings and make others angry. If you think that socialism is good, that the rest of the world just didn’t do it right, that lying, cheating and stealing an election is okay because the end justifies the means; you are not only a damn fool, you are a criminal for dragging the rest of us into your delusion and may God forgive you.

The left is drunk with the illusion of total power granted them by SARS-2. In Oregon the governor is asking the people to report anyone who does not wear a mask! Divide and conquer, rat your neighbors out. Next will be rewards. Good old Adolf had the kids on his side, report what your parents are saying and doing. How far in the future is that? 

There is a glimmer of hope appearing on the horizon. More and more evidence is coming to light showing the massive fraud perpetrated on the American people this election cycle.

Pray for our nation.

* A meme being shared across social media has falsely suggested the low COVID-19 death toll in Uganda is due to hydroxychloroquine being used widely by the population.

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Opinion: With Fear, We Failed Our Younger Generations

in Rusty Rogers/Column

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By Rusty Rogers, guest columnist

Speaking with a friend recently concerning her sons first year of college. It seems he has a fairly high level of anxiety about the COVID-19 virus. Not a surprise when you think on it. Everything the major media has been putting out for the last four months is specifically designed to instill and maintain a fairly high level of fear.

From Dr. Fauci completely reversing everything he has advised for the last 30 years and shutting down the entire nation to refusing to print honest information about treatments to printing and broadcasting total and complete lies concerning medications and the government response.

The left with the help of their media arm has done everything in their power to keep the people of this nation afraid. Especially the young adults.

Fear is a huge controller and motivator. When afraid the human animal, as with most animals, chooses fight or flight. Most, of course, choose flight. It’s the minority that choose to fight that are the most useful to the left. They are told who to blame for the fear and who they should attack.

The 18 to 24 age group has been raised to trust the government, which they associate with the major media, more than their own parents. So, when the media says they should hate every one that disagrees with the chosen ideology, they hate. When told to attack, they attack.

This might explain why although racism is the verbalized reason for the attacks and destruction, that false focus has long since vaporized. Now the rioters, the crowds, attack anything close. They are becoming more random and out of control. This is most likely the desired goal and in fact, the plan.

Of course, there is the school of thought that they are not out of control at all, I’m in that school. I believe they are not only in control but they are well controlled, and paid. The fear they create is useful.

The left has been using the fear factor as a control mechanism for at least two centuries and they keep getting better at it. Fear separates us from our friends, family and support group. It can be used to intensify isolation and the desire for security and guidance.

The followers of Marx are well versed in the methods for guiding people in the midst of such situations. They give you someone and something to follow and believe in. Even if that something is not good for you. In fact, very bad for you and your entire community.

My generation and that of our parents let down not just our children and grandchildren, but the entire world. We failed to pay attention to the people who were educating our children. We failed to hold accountable those who we elected. So bad did it get we began to forgive behavior we should never have.

Adultery, theft, treason, (selling military tech to China). We abdicated our responsibilities to others from teachers to bureaucrats. The cost of that failure is becoming very apparent.

Fear can cause us to make mistakes, to act in ways we might normally not. In Kenosha Wi. a 17-year old defending his neighborhood shoots two protestors.

Looking at the video it could go either way. He was indeed knocked down and attacked. His reaction may have been extreme, we don’t know. One of the attackers appears to have a handgun.

It doesn’t matter, what matters is why. This young man was afraid. Afraid for his life and his families. He sees his country being destroyed all over TV and feels helpless but wants to do something. The result could have been predicted.

Fear can never be allowed to control us, never. It is the most difficult thing you will ever do. Feel fear but not let it rule. When you reach that point it will be the most freeing feeling ever experienced. Freeing and strengthening.

You can achieve that by several means I guess, but I believe without God in your life it could be tough. I’m not a big fan of FDR but he said something truly profound. “The only thing we have to fear, is fear itself.” If you give into fear not only will it control you but everyone who comes along will also control you.

The Marxist founders of BLM (Black Lives Matter) should be an eye opener for everyone. Karl Marx could easily be considered the father of communism. The guiding light for Lenin and Stalin. Now his followers are openly advocating the overthrow of America. They have convinced our young adults to forfeit their lives to that end and their number one tool is fear.

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Rusty Rogers: NRA Is Under A Huge Threat To Its Existence

in Rusty Rogers/Column

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By Rusty Rogers, guest columnist

I really don’t expect anything original from the Democrats at any time unless it might advance their move to the left and increase the socialist hold on our society. Which brings us to the New York state Attorney General and her latest brilliant idea. Eliminate the NRA!

Now in the interest of full disclosure I have to state that the NRA brought this on themselves. Wayne LaPierre and a few others were caught with their hands in the cookie jar. Or so she says. Now, LaPierre managed to oust the NRA president at the time, Ollie North, and Chris Cox of the NRA-ILA and save his job, but none of us know the real story.

Really doesn’t matter, the New York AG is going after the most powerful citizen lobby in America and she intends to freeze its funds. If she manages that, it shuts the voice of 5 million Americans off at the source. Pretty ingenious way to silence millions on the right and limit the support of a U.S. president you don’t like.

Begs the question, why in the wide, wide, world of sports would the NRA have maintained its incorporation in a state that so hugely detests it? That could be considered Wayne’s biggest mistake. Aside from a lack of humility.

In the interest of full disclosure, I am a Golden Eagle Life Member of the NRA and will continue to support it. I will also continue to insist its leaders be more open and clean up their act. Our donations are not a piggy bank. What are they? Democrats?!

  More and more “news” agencies are reporting the obviously racist utterances of Joe Biden like, Hispanics are more diverse than Blacks. Or if you don’t vote for Joe, you’re not black. I don’t know what to do with asking a reporter if he’s a junkie, what do you or can you say? There’s more, but I anticipate we will be surprised by what he comes up with next.

(On our continuing story: no, the FDA is not going to reverse its reversal. It is in fact, digging in. However, the AAPS, a somewhat more intelligent organization than the AMA, has filed suit to force the FDA to release the 100s of millions of doses of Hydroxy.)

I just spent a few moments listening to Joe Biden’s latest campaign ad and found it very interesting. He said a lot of very wonderful sounding things. Things that the Democratic party has never done and will never do.

You may recall back a few decades, when Sleepy Joe ran for president the first time, that he admitted to plagiarism. Well, everything he said he wanted to do if elected is already being done by Trump. Either through congressional action or by executive order. Aside of course, from increased taxes.

Have the government buy only American-made products, bring jobs and factories back to American soil. Make sure we have the manufacturing base for medical supplies of all types. Sound familiar? I fear that old Joe hasn’t had an original thought for about 35 years and is now uttering Republican talking points!

You might think that the stuff Biden spews is original but it’s not. He’s been talking that way for 35 years. I believe they all think that way. Dems I mean. They are the inventors of Jim Crow laws, the KKK, and presidentially ordered segregation after all.

One place I would like to see a little more originality is in the conservative movement, the Republican Party. Right now, they have the perfect opportunity to rise above the storm and place themselves in the position deserved. We do have the moral high ground; we should not be afraid to say so.

Instead all I hear are weak attempts to placate the angry mob and give in to the PC crowd. Acting out of a fear of being canceled. You cannot be canceled if you don’t allow it.

Ted Cruz and Lindsey Graham begging forgiveness for themselves because of George Floyd without waiting for or looking for further evidence. Floyd was a career criminal who never missed an opportunity to fight the police. Now, the manner in which he died was wrong, beyond question, but extenuating circumstances mean a lot and need to be looked at.

Just one example of habitual weakness and their inability to effectively communicate. It’s time for Republican Party leaders to start acting like they are not the stepchildren of the Democratic party. Think independently and communicate clearly and effectively and get their message across.

President Trump’s conservative actions did more for the people of this country, ALL the people, in three years than the Democrats did in 150 and it’s time we started announcing it loudly, clearly, and often.

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Rusty Rogers: Covid-19 Crisis Has Us Living On Our Knees

in Rusty Rogers/Column

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By Rusty Rogers, guest columnist

SARATOGA – A friend has a daughter who planned on getting married the first of August. The question now for them is, will anyone attend? The very need to ask the question should anger all of us. We have, within a very short time, been trained to respond with fear as our first decision maker. That is so wrong I don’t have the words to explain it.

Fear is the great destroyer – just ask Stalin or Hitler. The media and the left are doing everything in their power to keep the nation afraid. They like the power – look at Illinois and Kentucky to mention a couple. Every state with a Democrat governor is suffering under what can only be called dictatorial abuse of power.

It’s true that this particular coronavirus is very contagious and it aims at the older citizens and those with compromised immune systems. Of course, those with compromised systems are at risk all the time, so the main difference is the elderly targets and the way it attacks.

The normal annual influenza is tougher on children. Which makes me think, tough on children, we just deal with it. Tough on the elderly, we stop the world AND we’re dumb enough to tell everyone to stay in their home. Guess why Wyoming and Montana have some of the lowest number of cases in the country.

I am seriously proud of the way so many Americans have stepped up to the plate and helped but not surprised. It’s what Americans do. Now the country wants to get back to work and fear is being used to try to stop that. Don’t let it.

I’ve got a surprise for everyone. Nobody gets out of this life alive. There are things far worse than dying. Living your life curled up under the bed is a big one. That young woman and her gentleman deserve their dream. The most amazing day of their lives. It should happen and I’ll tell you who will show up. Those who choose to live without fear.

The media and politicians have strongly propagated the fear then used it to summarily dismiss the constitution not only of their own states but of the United States!

All 50 governors have given orders they had no authority to give. They basically wrote laws, only the legislatures have the authority to write laws. No governor can order you to wear a mask, can’t tell you how to operate your business, can’t tell you to stay indoors. All they can do is what Trump did, advise.

Now some governors are “letting” us get back to business. Letting us? We know how to operate and still protect our vulnerable population. We don’t need a big brother to tell us when to go to the can and how to wipe. We are not China or even Europe; we are a free constitutional republic and we need to start acting like it.

If we don’t get to work we will of course lose our economy but worse when we do finally leave the cocoon we will have no herd immunity and the next wave will be far worse than we have ever seen.

I don’t need the federal government to protect me, that’s not their job. Their job is to protect the country as a whole; I can protect myself. If I need medical care I will contact a doctor, I don’t need the governor to do it for me. I know how to protect my 87-year-old mother and I will. That’s my job. It is sometimes said that it is the job of society to care for their seniors. We need to get back to taking care of family instead of farming them out to “nursing homes.”

Something I just recently read and am currently researching, Dr. Fauci, as head of the NIH has known since 2005 that hydroxychloroquine is remarkably effective on coronaviruses. It’s almost 100% effective, even on patients who are near death.

That is why the French head of their NIH used it from the beginning. Think of this, we could have handled this without any shutdown, no job losses, no financial hardship. Worse yet, 75,000 Americans would be alive today.

They are discussing in blue states about separating family members and isolating them for public safety. Stop them now!

Do not let them put you on your knees and enslave you. That is the goal here. To get rid of Trump and take complete control of society. They are using this weak, easily -controlled virus to scare everyone into voluntarily giving up their liberty. Don’t let them get away with this.

Pelosi is nearly salivating at the chance to initiate her socialist control agenda. Newsome in California is going to build an army (his words), to track people who have been sick with C-19 or even in contact with someone who was. Shades of 1984!

Do not accept the information from Fauci and staff at face value. He knew of a very effective treatment 15 years ago and kept that info to himself. Why would someone sacrifice 75K Americans to advance a political agenda? You know the names of most of them.

There is good news here, a second wave is absolutely unnecessary. We have the treatment and it is cheap, available and ready to go.

Rusty Rogers a Saratoga native and a lifetime conservative and Constitutional student.

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