Rusty Rogers: A Burning Question About Liz Cheney For Rod Miller

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By Rusty Rogers, guest columnist

I enjoy reading Rod Millers articles and consider him an excellent writer, though I don’t always agree with him.

I found his question concerning the Liz Cheney interesting and his answer more so. I was surprised to learn that he seemed to lean in her favor but not too surprised. He did miss some small points though.

It may indeed be that Liz is forcing people to choose a path and patron earlier than they would normally have too but I think her hatred of Donald J Trump is far more basic.

It is hatred, clearly. Donald was not kind to her father and she is most definitely Daddy’s girl. Liz will never forgive Trump for that indiscretion.

Combine that emotion with the desire to carry on her father’s legacy and you have a powerful drive to destroy her perceived enemy, Trump.

Her father made it to the White House but not to the chair he, and everyone in politics, wanted. Liz wants that chair. She does not intend to get to that chair in the new direction of the GOP. She intends to get there with the old Republican party.

That party is precisely why Trump was elected by the silent majority. We are sick and damn tired of our Constitution being traded for someone’s career. Like McConnell and most of the old repubs the word of the day every day is compromise.

The trouble is they never seemed to realize that the democrats were far better negotiators than they were. It became more of a weird two step. Democrats would take two steps forward and the republicans would take two steps backward.

Compromise became retreat and we just got tired of no one caring about anything but the noisy left. The loud noise we made was electing Trump. Like his personality or not, (I don’t) he did more good for everyone in this country than any President in our history.

Liz Cheney is counting on the top opposing candidate (s) being brought down by background information that ceased having any real meaning decades ago or barring that, winning on the plurality. Since our state congress did not have the cojones to get a runoff bills passed she just may achieve that not so lofty goal.

It really doesn’t matter how conservative your values are, how much you support the constitution if you would rather go against the wishes of the vast majority of your constituents than work with someone you may not like.

Afterall we all recognize that politics is a take no prisoners blood sport and if you don’t like the smell of blood, you’re in the wrong business.

This country is at the point of no return, if we do not get back on track and remember our roots, America will collapse. Worse,

if America fails, the world fails, and China wins. Liz is not the one that can help takes us there. For myself, I have yet to talk to or read about the one who can.

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