Wyoming Spaceport celebration
Three boys check out the interior of one of the planes that flew to the Greater Green River Intergalactic Spaceport during the 2018 Spaceport Days festival. (Photo courtesy of the City of Green River)
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A salute to aviation at Wyoming’s only Spaceport

A celebration of air travel at a Wyoming airport named with an eye to the future is in the cards this weekend. Keep Reading

The gun as a tool
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In defense of gun ownership, a primer on a varied and valuable American tool

When major media in our nation talk about guns, the discussion involves speakers in metropolitan areas, usually after a horrendous tragedy. They aren’t airing interviews of people who take their children out with gundogs to hunt birds; elk hunters preparing for mountain trips they’ve dreamed about for years; former military members who enjoy competitive shooting sports; women who train to never become victims; gun collectors dedicated to preserving history; or ranchers who use firearms as tools, to name a few. Keep Reading

Berkeley bans natural gas
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Now a Ban on Natural Gas? Berkeley, California Fires “First Shot” in Potential Energy War

Californians are moving away from natural gas, which could complicate Wyoming’s energy-reliant economy in the future, but experts say it’s too soon to predict an actual impact. In Berkeley, California, city officials banned natural gas connections to new homes to fuel furnaces and appliances starting in 2020 as part of an initiative to reduce the city’s carbon emissions. Keep Reading

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