Fort Carson Mounted Colorguard
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Fort Carson cavalry keeps bandits on the run at CFD

The Fort Carson Mounted Colorguard - stationed just outside Colorado Springs, Colorado - is at Cheyenne Frontier Days this week performing reenactments of stage coach robberies and showcasing the important role of the calvary in the establishment of the American West. Keep Reading

Wyoming sage grouse
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Nature Below The Knee

The natural world on the ranch provides for daily wonders. Each spring we watch the pronghorn antelope fawns speeding past with their mothers, and get “barked” at by the bucks. We relish the bugling trills of sandhill cranes calling across the landscape in the dawn hours, and admire their gangly grace. But much of nature’s wonders at this time of year occur below knee-level to a human. Keep Reading

How to wear a cowboy hat
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Hat man: Tips on how to wear a cowboy hat

Cowboy State Daily’s Jim Angell — who confesses he looks like an idiot in a cowboy hat — visited the experts at The Wrangler in Cheyenne the other day to get some tips on how to look good in this unique bit of headgear. Keep Reading

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