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Sunrise 5 25 24
PinYour Wyoming Sunrise: Saturday, May 25, 2024

Today's Wyoming sunrise was captured by Ed Liebzeit. Ed writes, "This photo is indeed snow on the fairway and watching the sunrise from Teton Pines in Wilson."

Photo by Ed Liebzeit

Today's question to Don Day

Mark James Mullins of Douglas
In regard to your thunderstorm season article, can you reassess the data on a per-capita basis, especially when considering population of the states? It could affect me as I own a hill on my property which I plan a communications tower and likely will have a lightning rod installed when it goes in.
Don Day
FEMA has a good lightning database that takes into account lightning risk, potential property loss, etc. based on population and lightning frequency. Data is available on a county by county basis. Lots and lots of lightning data available here which may help in quest for more lightning information.