Jenn Lowe, executive director for the Equality State Policy Center, testifies about Senate File 131 on Thursday. (Matt Idler for Cowboy State Daily)
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Chuck Gray Wants To Do Away With ‘Predatory’ Campaign Tactic Used By Cheney

While some call sending unsolicited absentee ballots to voters a “predatory” campaign practice, others say it’s just being “accommodating.” Legislators are debating the tactic used by Liz Cheney and whether her mailers were unethical. Keep Reading | 1516 words

Salomon Correa, from left, Magdalene "Maggie" Franco, Ava Luplow, Andrea Prime and Suzy Prime before leaving to visit Jackson Hole Bible College.
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Father Of Two Daughters Killed On I-80: ‘I Forgive’ Driver Who Caused Fiery Crash

Phil Prime says it’s up to the court system and God to punish the wrong-way driver who caused a chain-reaction crash on Interstate 80 east of Rawlins that killed five people, including two of his daughters – Suzy, 18, and Andrea, 23. Keep Reading | 2395 words

Secretary of State Chuck Gray and Rep. Clarence Stylar talk in the Capitol Extension hallway on Jan. 24. (Matt Idler for Cowboy State Daily)
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Sec Of State Chuck Gray Actively Lobbying Legislature; Rep Calls It ‘Uncouth” & “Unstately”

Although Chuck Gray’s active legislative lobbying has surprised some people, it doesn't infringe on any state laws and many legislators have no problem with it. The longest serving member of the House, however, calls it "uncouth" and "unstately." Keep Reading | 2212 words

De Kuiper restaurant in Vilvoorde, Belgium, has ben serving horse meat for more than 160 years. (Courtesy Photo)
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Belgian Chef Says He Would Love To Serve Wild Wyoming Horses If They Were Available

The owner of a restaurant in Belgium that has been serving horse meat for more than 160 years said Wyoming horses would be great on a menu because they’re free-range and eat natural grasses. The Wyoming Legislature is considering a bill asking Congress to allow some wild mustangs to be rounded up for slaughter. Keep Reading | 1660 words

Trains move coal from Black Thunder Mine in Wyoming's Powder River Basin. (Getty Images)
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Lack Of Trains Cost Wyoming $100 Million In Coal Revenue In 2022

Wyoming coal mines would have produced about 300 million tons of coal in 2022, but were ultimately about 50 million tons short of that because there weren't enough trains to ship it out. This translates to $100 million in lost revenue to the state of Wyoming. Keep Reading | 1583 words

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