The Meeteetse Chocolatier may be off the beaten path in a small Wyoming town, but owner Tim Kellogg will go anywhere in the world to source the best ingredients. (Photo Courtesy Meeteetse Chocolatier via Facebook)
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Meeteetse Chocolatier’s Decadent Wyoming Confections Begin In Belize

In the cold deep of January when most of us can only dream of spring, the Meeteetse Chocolatier does a little more than just dream. That's when he travels down to Belize to stop by cacao farms in person to sample their nibs and buy direct from the families that produce them. Keep Reading | 2320 words

Researcher Damian Kirkwood says obsidian was prized by paleolithic hunters 15,000 years ago, and remains a favorite of modern flintknappers (Mark Heinz, Cowboy State Daily)
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Going Paleo: Wyoming Flintknappers Keep Skills Of Ancient Hunters Alive

To kill the wooly mammoths and ancient bison that used to roam Wyoming, paleolithic hunters had to make their own weapons by flintknapping, a skill that still has some modern practitioners in the Cowboy State. Keep Reading | 1764 words

Wyoming Department of Transportation crews recently recovered the carcasses of 34 deer, 14 antelope and three elk along a 5-mile stretch of Interstate 80 and an 18-mile stretch of U.S. Route 189 near Evanston. (Photo Courtesy Jason Fry)
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Snowplow Drivers Hauling Off Wildlife Carcasses All Across Wyoming As Animals Continue to Starve

As wildlife continues to starve to death in Wyoming because of the harsh winter, snowplow drivers are hauling off carcasses from Interstates and highways across the state. Keep Reading | 1221 words

A mountain lion that had been spotted roaming around Gillette for nearly two days peeks through brush as it lounges in a yard near downtown Wednesday. (Photo Courtesy Teri Anderson)
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Game Wardens Catch Mountain Lion Roaming Gillette In Yard Near Downtown

After searching for nearly two days for a mountain lion reported in Gillette, Wyoming Game and Fish wardens caught up with it after Teri and Charlie Anderson found it hiding in a neighbor’s back yard. Keep Reading | 786 words

With hard-crusted snow covering most of the ground in southcentral Wyoming, antelope have been trapped for weeks in what few dry patches remain, where they starve to death. (Photo Courtesy Larry Hicks)
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Dying By The Thousands: Miles Of Death As Wyoming Antelope, Deer And Elk Die From Winter Starvation

Outfitters say southcentral Wyoming antelope, deer and elk herds are dying off in huge numbers and that predictions that half of the antelope in parts of the state could die this winter probably fall short. It’s more likely to be closer to 80%. Keep Reading | 1497 words

(Renée Jean, Cowboy State Daily)
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Albertsons And Kroger Customers Say Mega Merger ‘Sucked The Lifeblood’ From Albertsons

The mega-merger of two U.S. grocery giants will affect many Wyoming consumers, as well as 750 of the Cowboy State’s grocery store workers. Now 25 consumer plaintiffs suing to stop the deal have filed their first major motion, saying Albertsons’ $4 billion pre-merger dividend “sucked the lifeblood” from the company. Keep Reading | 1262 words

People gather outside the Wyoming Capitol in late February to protest a bill banning biological males from competing in girls' sports in Wyoming. (Matt Idler for Cowboy State Daily)
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Wyoming LGBTQ Group Plans To Fight Transgender Sports Ban In Court

A Wyoming LGBTQ advocacy group is planning to challenge in court recently passed legislation that bans biological males from participating in girls’ sports in Wyoming. Keep Reading | 1467 words

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Platte County Jail Says Inmate’s $2 Million Sexual Harassment Claim Not Lawsuit-Worthy

After a Platte County jail inmate demanded $2 million in a civil rights complaint alleging a deputy touched his chest in a “sexual manner” and two more deputies cited him for reporting the incident, the jail asked the court Monday to dismiss the lawsuit for not rising to the applicable legal standards. Keep Reading | 695 words

Nathan Hightman, 39, enters Campbell County District Court on March 28 to plead guilty to three felony crimes against his missing fiancé. (Courtesy photo from Desiree Tinoco via Wyoming Truth)
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Fiancé of Missing Kenyan Irene Gakwa Pleads Guilty to Felony, Financial Crimes

The fiancé of missing Kenyan woman Irene Gakwa pleaded guilty to three of the five felonies related to crimes against her in Campbell County District Court on Tuesday afternoon. Keep Reading | 1628 words

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