Rusty Rogers: NRA Is Under A Huge Threat To Its Existence

The New York AG is going after the most powerful citizen lobby in America and she intends to freeze their funds. If she manages that it shuts the voice of 5 million Americans off at the source.

Rusty Rogers

August 13, 20205 min read

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I really don’t expect anything original from the Democrats at any time unless it might advance their move to the left and increase the socialist hold on our society. Which brings us to the New York state Attorney General and her latest brilliant idea. Eliminate the NRA!

Now in the interest of full disclosure I have to state that the NRA brought this on themselves. Wayne LaPierre and a few others were caught with their hands in the cookie jar. Or so she says. Now, LaPierre managed to oust the NRA president at the time, Ollie North, and Chris Cox of the NRA-ILA and save his job, but none of us know the real story.

Really doesn’t matter, the New York AG is going after the most powerful citizen lobby in America and she intends to freeze its funds. If she manages that, it shuts the voice of 5 million Americans off at the source. Pretty ingenious way to silence millions on the right and limit the support of a U.S. president you don’t like.

Begs the question, why in the wide, wide, world of sports would the NRA have maintained its incorporation in a state that so hugely detests it? That could be considered Wayne’s biggest mistake. Aside from a lack of humility.

In the interest of full disclosure, I am a Golden Eagle Life Member of the NRA and will continue to support it. I will also continue to insist its leaders be more open and clean up their act. Our donations are not a piggy bank. What are they? Democrats?!

  More and more “news” agencies are reporting the obviously racist utterances of Joe Biden like, Hispanics are more diverse than Blacks. Or if you don’t vote for Joe, you’re not black. I don’t know what to do with asking a reporter if he’s a junkie, what do you or can you say? There’s more, but I anticipate we will be surprised by what he comes up with next.

(On our continuing story: no, the FDA is not going to reverse its reversal. It is in fact, digging in. However, the AAPS, a somewhat more intelligent organization than the AMA, has filed suit to force the FDA to release the 100s of millions of doses of Hydroxy.)

I just spent a few moments listening to Joe Biden’s latest campaign ad and found it very interesting. He said a lot of very wonderful sounding things. Things that the Democratic party has never done and will never do.

You may recall back a few decades, when Sleepy Joe ran for president the first time, that he admitted to plagiarism. Well, everything he said he wanted to do if elected is already being done by Trump. Either through congressional action or by executive order. Aside of course, from increased taxes.

Have the government buy only American-made products, bring jobs and factories back to American soil. Make sure we have the manufacturing base for medical supplies of all types. Sound familiar? I fear that old Joe hasn’t had an original thought for about 35 years and is now uttering Republican talking points!

You might think that the stuff Biden spews is original but it’s not. He’s been talking that way for 35 years. I believe they all think that way. Dems I mean. They are the inventors of Jim Crow laws, the KKK, and presidentially ordered segregation after all.

One place I would like to see a little more originality is in the conservative movement, the Republican Party. Right now, they have the perfect opportunity to rise above the storm and place themselves in the position deserved. We do have the moral high ground; we should not be afraid to say so.

Instead all I hear are weak attempts to placate the angry mob and give in to the PC crowd. Acting out of a fear of being canceled. You cannot be canceled if you don’t allow it.

Ted Cruz and Lindsey Graham begging forgiveness for themselves because of George Floyd without waiting for or looking for further evidence. Floyd was a career criminal who never missed an opportunity to fight the police. Now, the manner in which he died was wrong, beyond question, but extenuating circumstances mean a lot and need to be looked at.

Just one example of habitual weakness and their inability to effectively communicate. It’s time for Republican Party leaders to start acting like they are not the stepchildren of the Democratic party. Think independently and communicate clearly and effectively and get their message across.

President Trump’s conservative actions did more for the people of this country, ALL the people, in three years than the Democrats did in 150 and it’s time we started announcing it loudly, clearly, and often.

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Rusty Rogers