Rusty Rogers: When It Comes To Elections, Tell Me It’s Not So

Guest columnist Rusty Rogers writes: "When dishonest people are allowed to steal an election, it is all over. Like using voting machines that are well known to be vulnerable to hacking and are corrupted by a vote altering logarithm."

Rusty Rogers

December 05, 20206 min read

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(Cowboy State Daily Staff)

Like the founders of this great nation, I have great faith in the average American. A faith that is being eroded at an amazing pace! 

  The Democrats spend endless hours on every medium that will allow them talking about freedom. Free speech, free press, etc, and the rest of their time is spent eliminating those liberties for everyone that disagrees with them.

  You cannot sneak false ballots in at 4:30 in the morning to change the outcome of an election and call it a fair election. You can’t threaten to kill lawyers working for your opponent and call it freedom. You can’t abuse and threaten the families of election certifiers and call yourself decent. That’s just plain despicable!!

  How can we allow this farce to go on? At 11:30 at night Trump is ahead in PA by over 800,000 votes, by morning he is losing. Something even the most liberal mathematician calls a statistical impossibility. Yet the left asks us to accept it and activist judges will not allow any interference.

  If this is not corrected the integrity of American elections is forever gone. The same methods were used on senate races and if Georgia goes, the constitution will die and no Republican will ever enter the Whitehouse again. If you liberals try to say I’m just a fear monger, I would suggest you review the political history of CA, OR, WA, MN, etc. for the last 50 years.

When dishonest people are allowed to steal an election, it is all over. Like using voting machines that are well known to be vulnerable to hacking and are corrupted by a vote altering logarithm.

I first saw a news story about Dominion machines and their problems in 2015 so I’ve got to figure that the bigwigs in the Democrat party were also aware of them. Which, I assume is the very reason they continued to use them. These are things that go in other countries, third world countries, not the United States!

Since the founding of this great country, we have known the most serious, threatening attacks would come from within but who knew it would be like this. Thousands dying because the deep staters in control of the FDA refuse to give the go ahead to HCQ. Why would someone do that? How could they possibly be okay with it?

Uganda as I’ve mentioned before is a big user of HCQ* and at this point has reached the level of 100 SARS-2 deaths. One hundred, in a population of over 45 million and a 3rd world health system.

We could be doing that good right here in Wyoming except for having a governor with the backbone of an octopus and a deep state doctor for our state health director. “course our state congress could fix that pretty quick but most of them are cut from the same cloth it seems.

I am angered and appalled by the callousness of the left’s actions yet I shouldn’t be at all surprised. The CCP drove over those who disagreed with tanks, Stalin just lined them up and shot them or they just disappeared. Pol Pot did the same, everywhere in the world that socialism gains control, no matter the level, (socialism, Marxism, communism), people die.

The Communist Party USA once published a manifesto that stated an estimated 25 million Americans would have to die for the party to gain control. (Got a feeling I’m on that list too).

I know that this is all the fault of my generation, mine and my parents and that saddens and angers me. It is bad enough that we are leaving our children a debt they can never pay. We are also leaving them on the edge of losing their liberty. Of economic disaster brought on by socialism which will impoverish them until freedom is once again found.

This virus was used and is still being used to create fear all over the world. Fear allows those who crave power to gain power. The fear has been used to shut down nations all over the world. Those shutdowns have caused far more deaths than the virus they purport to control.

We have seen an astounding rise in crimes of all types and the attack on law enforcement has made it exponentially worse. Why would anyone do this to their own people? Minneapolis has seen a 156% rise in violent crime so the city council decided to reduce the police budget. Brilliant. 

Democrat governors and mayors insist on even more severe and continuing lockdowns in spite of the evidence of damage to society and individuals. Doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result, capital thought! Maybe they haven’t heard about Albert Einstein.

I have to say this though it may hurt feelings and make others angry. If you think that socialism is good, that the rest of the world just didn’t do it right, that lying, cheating and stealing an election is okay because the end justifies the means; you are not only a damn fool, you are a criminal for dragging the rest of us into your delusion and may God forgive you.

The left is drunk with the illusion of total power granted them by SARS-2. In Oregon the governor is asking the people to report anyone who does not wear a mask! Divide and conquer, rat your neighbors out. Next will be rewards. Good old Adolf had the kids on his side, report what your parents are saying and doing. How far in the future is that? 

There is a glimmer of hope appearing on the horizon. More and more evidence is coming to light showing the massive fraud perpetrated on the American people this election cycle.

Pray for our nation.

* A meme being shared across social media has falsely suggested the low COVID-19 death toll in Uganda is due to hydroxychloroquine being used widely by the population.

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Rusty Rogers