Rusty Rogers: It’s Time To Choose, Are We Socialists Or Not?

Guest columnist Rusty Rogers writes: "To those who watch closely or even just occasionally, its clear by now that the left is indeed trying to change America into a socialist country."

Rusty Rogers

April 22, 20215 min read

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(Cowboy State Daily Staff)

To those who watch closely or even just occasionally, it’s clear by now that the left is indeed trying to change America into a socialist country.

Recent actions and inactions have removed all doubt to all but the least aware or the greatest deniers.

Why you might ask, would any sane person try to destroy the most successful and freest nation to ever exist. Can’t help you with that. My personal belief is extreme psychosis of some sort, or runaway greed. Bottom line, it is happening; what all of us decide to do about it is so important I can’t find the words.

Some I have talked to believe we are at the beginning of the end as noted in the Bible. I discussed this before and like then I’m not prepared to argue against the idea.

I firmly believe that God does not intend for us to just give it all up. He ordained this country and then placed us here to guide and protect true liberty. We have been singularly lazy and careless so now we have to buck up and perform our duty.

The left has a small army and it’s very active. In fact, they have two armies, BLM and ANTIFA. They are killing people and trust me, it’s going to get worse. The corporations are going to bow to the greatest noise and threat. They don’t want an angry customer base so whatever the bullies want, they get.

MLB moved out of Georgia and into Colorado because it was demanded of them. It’s going to turn out to be a bad idea or should. Those young totally non-productive members of the armies of the left are not the fans that support the game and players. You and I are. Full disclosure, l used to be. Never again will I spend one buck on what was once my favorite sport.

It’s pretty clear the move had nothing to do with election laws because the two states have nearly identical laws with Colorado being slightly tougher, so the law was not the reason. Canceling was. If Georgia gives in it will be very, very bad. We have GOT to start fighting back. It’s time to declare who you are.

America is supposed to be a meritocracy, where you have the right to opportunity but not the guarantee of success. You see, that comes with honest effort, not burning cars in the street until you get what you want.

If you want to wear a mask and carry a club and pepper spray to intimidate and injure, you need to be met with force and stopped. Not killed unless absolutely necessary, but justice needs to return to America in the form it was intended. You need to stand trial and if found guilty, punished.

We the people need to stand up to the bullies. When a citizen is forced to defend his or her life, the attacker must be arrested not the victim. That will require taking back control of our cities and towns and that will require becoming involved. Involved to the  extent necessary whatever that may be. It’s time to once again be what we are and were always meant to be. Tough.

If someone claims you hurt their feelings and wants you to be silenced, tell them no. Tell them to grow up and act like an adult. Choose your own words. Let no one tell you what you can say or what you can think. Understand the you are not a racist or xenophobe. The one accusing you, is.

 Support people who, like you, want their free country back. The truth is that America is no longer a free country. It is far from it. If a small group of paid anarchists can force a huge corporation to do their bidding, if they can dictate behavior and language to an entire country, if a non-elected bureaucrat can shut down an entire nation, we are not free.

The masks they told you had to be worn everywhere turned out to be less than 2% effective. I suspect that was known all along. The virus we were told required long contact is actually airborne. I’m told that the lethality turns out to be less than half that of the normal flu. Which, by the way, we seem to have become immune to. Tongue in cheek.

SARS-2  is a virus that can be very deadly to many people but not to the vast majority, I believe. I think that Dr. Tony Fauci knew that, if he didn’t know he was a very useful dupe. The virus was used to make time and opportunity to ensure that Trump never returned to the White House. The millions of deaths worldwide were of little consequence to those who wanted that particular goal.

We don’t know the future –  it may indeed be the beginning of the tribulation. This I do know it is not going to be a walk in the park. If ever there was a period in the history of the United States that proved the wisdom of our founders and the need for the second amendment, it is now.

We made some good progress this year in Cheyenne but not to the point that we should have. I go back to what I often say, we have to change Cheyenne.

Stop electing RINOs and get the people in there we should have. Wyoming is the reddest state in the nation but our state congress is purple with a red cape.

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Rusty Rogers