Rusty Rogers: I Gave Obama An A+ For His Success In Changing The USA

Fauci has a financial interest in several drugs, no one really knows for sure how much or how many.

Rusty Rogers

August 10, 20207 min read

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You may remember at the end of Obama’s first term he was asked to give himself a grade. He gave himself an A-. Most conservative pundits went a little ballistic of course. Most gave him around a C or B-, I gave an A+.

Why you might say? Well, let’s take a look at what he wanted to achieve. Though he never came right out and stated what he had in mind, (other than to fundamentally change America), it was clear to me that he intended to change America to a socialist country.

By the end of his first term he had achieved an amazing percentage of the necessary small changes. Vastly increased regulations and policies that restricted business growth and increased unemployment. He made several moves personally and officially to increase the division between black and white by huge amounts and between the police and society in general.

 All of his actions served another very important purpose as well. It tested the limits of Americans ability to be obedient little children. Depressingly it appears most of us scored pretty high in that department. As clearly demonstrated by our actions in the shutdown.

It should be clear to everyone by now that it was the wrong thing to do. So why was Dr. Fauci and fellow “scientists” so adamant to make it happen? After all it’s the exact opposite of what he said in 2009. I’ve gone through a lot of searching to figure that out and reached several conclusions. Has our attention span gotten so short?

Was it reaching for the emotional high of having such power that an entire country does what you want and eventually the world? Was it part of a concerted effort to get rid of a president you don’t want around? Was it monetary, after all Fauci has a financial interest in several drugs, no one really knows for sure how much or how many. Check out One America News Investigates.

Or was it part of a plan to bring America to its knees.

Most likely a bit of all of the above. You can’t fundamentally change a country without first destroying the system in place. Obama knew that which is why his actions were only the first half of a 16-year plan to as he put it, “fundamentally change America.”

The second greatest victory attributable to the socialist program is having turned Americans into docile little lambs being led to the slaughter. The greatest was turning us against each other once again. Our national health care officials say do this and we do it. Perhaps in the back of our minds a little voice says, “this doesn’t make sense,” but we obey anyway. When did we lose our backbone?

Did shutting down the world stop or slow down the virus? Maybe but a more accurate term would be delayed. The moment we got tired of hiding under the bed, the boogie man attacked. If we go back under the bed, the boogie man will just wait until we come out again. By shutting down society we made the so called second round far worse.

We never shut down for a disease before and we shouldn’t have this time. I find it amazing that we humans have the arrogance to think we can “manage” a virus. It is a life form we know mutates about every 6 months and for which we have never been able to create a real vaccine. Nor will we. When did we relinquish our common sense.

We have traded our traditional independence and free will for instructions from people who change those instructions depending on the political wind. You can’t trust the NIH or CDC, in fact I would say it quite likely you can’t trust any government agency. They are agenda driven. Why have we surrendered so easily? What has happened to us?

Some 3 percent of the population fought in the Revolutionary War, about 5 percent in the Civil War etc. Today’s military is about 1 percent or our population, what do you suppose the percentage is that are causing so much destruction and horror on the streets of America today?

I would personally guess less than ½ of 1 percent. Yet they are driving a change that will cost this amazing country far more than we can afford, in freedom and life. Far more than they themselves understand. What have we allowed to happen to our children?

We have got to start to take charge of our neighborhoods and cities. It is obvious that many mayors and governors are putting their constituents in serious danger in order to stop Trump. I’ve had several people scoff at me decrying the, to me, obvious. Stating that “no way would anyone do that”! Really?

Take a good look at every country over the last 170 years since Karl Marx condemned mankind to centuries of strife with his words.

Look at what has occurred in those countries where his followers advanced their causes. There is literally nothing they will not do and no one they will not sacrifice. The founders of BLM are only the first to freely admit to being Marxists. Many more will soon appear.

The most recent polls now show that more Americans believe Biden will be better at controlling the virus than Trump. Setting aside the obvious, Biden doesn’t even know where he is, what!? Obama and Biden had the more lethal H1N1 or swine flu and didn’t even respond until thousands had died. When the numbers began to climb too fast Obama ordered testing to be stopped. That’s how they manage a pandemic. And people want that back? Just how dumb have we gotten.

Have we become so easily controlled that even a suspicious story by an obviously slanted source can sway society. The polls as we already know are about as accurate as a 12 gauge at 200 yards. Yet a lot of Americans pay attention to them. I, for one, do not.

Every day on the news you have democratic pundits going on and on about how Trump delayed responding to the virus. How he has no plan and has refused to help the states. They either really believe what they are saying not realizing that we were all here for the whole pandemic; or they think we are the stupidest people on earth with absolutely no short term memory, long term either for that matter.

They couldn’t be much more insulting.

I know the virus is real, I know it’s very contagious and that it’s very survivable. Less lethal by a good amount than the Swine flu. However, I will not allow it to be used to keep me in my home while anarchists and communists destroy my country. I will not allow it to be used to suppress me while my freedom is stolen. It has been militarized and aimed at you, don’t let them use it to win.

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Rusty Rogers