Rusty Rogers: Solar And Wind Are Only Supplemental Energy Sources

Guest columnist Rusty Rogers writes: "A lot of people in the west and throughout the US have learned something, windmills do freeze."

Rusty Rogers

February 23, 20216 min read

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(Cowboy State Daily Staff)

 A lot of people in the west and throughout the US have learned something, windmills do freeze. They do even here in Wyoming. Sadly, even when they’re running in warm weather they only achieve about 45% efficiency. That’s horrible! No investor except the federal government would invest in something that can’t even break 50%!

  Government investment means you and I are wasting a ton of money. Windmills springing up all over our prairies like thistles in the middle of your lawn. Just as ugly too. Surprise surprise! They only work when the wind is blowing at the right speed and it isn’t too cold. Winds little brother solar isn’t much better as so many a finding out. In the winter in south Texas electricity is at moderate to low demand until suddenly a once in a century storm hits and temps plummet.

   As you would assume the demand for power sky rockets. Texans suddenly need to use something they are very unfamiliar with, home heat. Only since the green power folks have talked Texas into getting rid of some of their efficient and reliable coal fired generators, they have replaced about 25% of their power with wind and solar. The funny thing about solar is that when you have a storm the sun is covered and generation does not occur.

  I would like to point out at this time that as many, many of us have known for a long time, wind and solar are supplements, not replacements. Not as so many on the left would like, main supplies. Trivia for you, Wyoming coal is some of the cleanest coal available and new technology puts it very close to natural gas in that regard.

  Now that we have discussed the power issue vis a vie the storm, why is the right now at fault for the whole problem?

  According to AOC the problem is that they didn’t put up enough windmills, or something like that. When she espouses her ideas I find it difficult to follow sometimes. Coherency is a little on the slim side with her. She could be right, if 1000 fail maybe 10,000 could fail even better or maybe a little slower.

  So that’s one: conservatives are responsible for the failure of windmills and solar and a winter storm.

  According to the news on several stations many black Americans are concerned and even a little afraid of the vaccines. Dr. Lorette Oden says it’s because of the syphilis experiments prior to WWII at Muskogee. That experiment was run by the eugenics movement of the early 20th century so therefore it’s the fault of whites. Not the experiments so much as the continuing fear.

  She is partially correct. Most of the doctors involved were white. Actually as far as I can find out, they all were. But you have to ask yourself why would anyone carry such a fear for nearly a century? Especially since they seem to have a near worship for another fan of eugenics. Eugenics aimed directly at black Americans like an arrow. Margaret Sanger. That’s right the founder of planned parenthood.

  The premium eugenics organization that was founded to reduce poverty by the elimination poor people “especially the negro race.” A bunch of morons thought they could play God so all whites are to blame. The only possible way that fear could last a century and ignore the obvious hypocrisy is if someone worked very hard through the media and schools to make sure it did.

  Someone I loved very much was horribly assaulted many years ago by a black American but you know, I never considered that a black issue, I did however consider it a crime issue. It absolutely never meant that all blacks are bad. That would be as stupid blaming all whites for Muskogee. More, this particular fear has been laid at the feet of the right.

   So that’s two: conservatives are responsible for a fear of vaccines among black Americans. May I say wow?

  I believe I should rethink my direction here. It seems I’m attempting to utilize logic when discussing the left. Oil and water.

  Which brings me to section 3; guns do not kill people, evil people kill people. Jim Jones killed 919 people with Kool-Aid. The only folks killed with guns at Jonestown were a senator, (no comment), and 4 others including a reporter.

  Biden has just requested congress bring him a bill that would eliminate private firearm ownership in the United States. All without saying so. It’s a sneaky underhanded attempt to avoid the Constitution.

  He wants registration of all firearms. I’ve heard a lot of talk about how this would allow the thieves to know where all the guns are and which homes have the best ones. Who cares about the thieves? The biggest gang of thieves in the world would know where all your guns are, the government!

  No semi auto guns, no mags over 5 rounds. An annual license fee and a psychiatric examination. A requirement for an insurance policy costing $800, removing any and all protection for manufacturers causing them to do just what the left wants. Stop making guns in the US. To all of those democrats who poo pooed and said he won’t really do that, come on over. There are some things I’d like to talk over with you. Right after your psychiatric exam.

  Now of course this is the fault of the republicans, these extreme measures have to be taken because we just don’t have common sense, it’s our own fault. Like every dirt bag that hit his wife or girlfriend, it was her fault.

  Our guns have to be removed in order for Biden and his friends around the world to build their globalist system. Biden made his policies clear in the recent G7 virtual summit. It’s the world first, America last. Congratulations to us.

  In the Time magazine article the democratic party laid out how they made sure the election went their way. How the people were treated like school children in order for Trump to be pushed aside to make room for the global agenda. The policy on guns that Biden wants sounds eerily similar to the recommendations of the UN from about 15 years ago.

  We are being forced into a socialist, globalist existence whether we want it or not. For our own good. How do you like that, how does it feel to be treated with such contempt and disdain? I’m not thrilled. You understand it’s not just the right being treated like a serf or a child. It’s everyone. Left, right and in between. Lucky us.

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Rusty Rogers