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Pennie Hunt: Hanging Onto The Top Of The Ladder 

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Pennie Hunt writes: “Unless you or a loved one is touched by Alzheimer’s it is hard to understand the pain of this disease. I hope you never do.” 

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Pennie Hunt: Are You A Number Person Or A Word Person?

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Pennie Hunt writes: “Word people name everything. My current car is named Ruby. She followed Liberty, Blaze and so many others. My refrigerator is Kevin.”

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Pennie Hunt: Be Careful Where You Hide Your Crumbs

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Pennie Hunt writes: “In life, we layer our feelings. If someone says something unkind to us, it may hurt our feelings, but we can brush off the little crumbs.”

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Pennie Hunt: Today I Learned A Lesson

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Pennie Hunt writes: “I wanted to crawl under the covers and begin the day again. I wanted to take back the email. All the positivity I promote and encourage others to do was instantly sucked from my body.”

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Pennie Hunt: Hope Comes In A Jar

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Columnist Pennie Hunt writes: “We all need hope to lift our spirits and lighten our hearts. How it’s delivered to us does not matter.”

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