Pennie Hunt: Going On A Giving Spree Much More Fulfilling Than A Spending Spree

Pennie Hunt writes: “What if we … were surrounded by positive people? We deserve to be motivated, encouraged, supported, lifted, surrounded by love, inspired and celebrated. People we love deserve the same.”

Pennie Hunt

March 25, 20234 min read

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I came home empty-handed. 

I had anticipated the shopping trip for a week. It was going to be a day of shopping alone. Me time. My enthusiasm created adrenaline just thinking about this shopping spree.

I went to all of my favorite stores. I tried on clothes, but nothing seemed to fit right. I went to shoe stores. There wasn’t a pair that I wanted to bring home. I even went to my favorite home stores where typically pillows, plants and pots excite me. None of them did. 

My enthusiasm and adrenaline faded. I drove home at the end of my day in an empty car and my money still in my purse. 

What just happened? I love to shop. It is exciting to buy new things. It is thrilling and satisfying for me to find deals. I have days when I see dozens of things I want, but I am in a hurry and don’t have the time to shop. 

But this day I was ready to shop in every way, so how did I come home empty-handed?

I thought about this for days. Shopping didn’t seem to hold the same thrill as it used to. There wasn’t anything I really loved. There wasn’t anything I really wanted. Maybe a “shopping spree” wasn’t what I needed. 

Maybe what I needed was a “living spree.” Maybe I needed a day of feeling joy. A day of happiness. A day of doing things that make me feel alive.

How would I do that? How would anyone do that? I thought of a few ways.

What if we … 

Defined what brings us joy and happiness? To refresh your memory, slow down. Watch children play. Get down on their level. Look at the magic of life through their eyes. Remember what brought you joy as a child. 

Once you remember the joy, do it again. Play with a puppy, eat ice cream, dance and celebrate life. 

What if we …

Counted? We count money. We count time. We count accomplishments and goals. We count calories and pounds. We count fingers, toes and jelly beans in a jar. 

But what if we counted smiles – how many we gave and how many we were given? What if we counted laughs and giggles? What if we counted blessings? What if we counted what is important?

What if we …

Stepped out of our comfort zone and tried new experiences? It could be anything from trying a new food to learning a new skill or hobby. Trying new things just might help us grow and discover new passions. 

We may find a new way to bring joy and happiness to our lives.

What if we …

Went deep digging into nature? Go outside. Dig deep into the dirt until you see earthworms and ants. Plant something – trees, seeds, flowers or vegetables. Watch how the sun and the rain nurture them. Watch them grow. Let your bare feet feel the grass. 

Swim in a lake. Hike. Jump in the ocean. Wrap yourself in nature.

What if we …

Gave ourselves the gift of doing nothing? Take a peaceful pause. Stop. Sit. Breathe. Notice how it feels. Notice what you smell, what you hear and what you see. Notice where your mind goes. 

Can you do this for five minutes? Can you do this for an hour? Have a journal nearby to write down the creative thoughts that come to you. 

What if we … 

Were surrounded by positive people? We deserve to be motivated, encouraged, supported, lifted, surrounded by love, inspired and celebrated. People we love deserve the same.

Don’t settle for anything less from those you spend time with and don’t give anything less to those you love. 

What if we …

Gave? What if we gave to others? What if we gave our time, experience and expertise to help others? What if we gave joy and happiness? What if we gave laughter and smiles? What if we gave hope? 

Sometimes it isn’t shopping, buying and adding to our collection of things that brings us joy and happiness. Sometimes we need to take the time to love life.

Go on a living spree.

Pennie’s Life Lesson: Treat yourself to a living spree. It may become a habit.

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