Pennie Hunt: Life Comes With Turning Lanes

Pennie Hunt writes: “We don’t have to stay in the comfortable circle watching the turns that lead to new roads or adventures fly by us.”

Pennie Hunt

March 18, 20234 min read

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(Cowboy State Daily Staff)

It was a crazy circle I couldn’t get out of. 

That’s how I remember the first time I drove a roundabout. The other drivers sped in and out, changing lanes with confidence. The rush of cars pushed me into the comfort zone of continuing to circle a couple of times without venturing to the exits. 

Finally, on the third try, I clicked on my blinker, moved into the turning lane and maneuvered through my exit. 

What a relief.

How many times do we get stuck in the roundabout of life? 

We may feel like we are not smart enough to go back to school to gain the education we want. It is easy to stay status quo watching the years pass without making that move while life seems to speed by. 

So we circle. 

We really don’t like our jobs, but the fear of interviewing and trying something new keeps us in our comfort zones. It isn’t what we want, but it seems better than taking a step into the unknown. 

So we circle.

We stay in relationships we know do not serve our spirits, but the idea of being alone is worse than staying where we are. 

So we circle. 

We believe we are too young or old, or just not good enough to take a risk. 

So we circle. 

Here’s the deal: Life comes with turn lanes.

We don’t have to stay in the comfortable circle watching the turns that lead to new roads or adventures fly by us. We don’t have to stay inside the safety of the center circle watching others speed by taking opportunities when they arise. We don’t have to accept less than our spirit deserves because we are afraid to take a risk.

Stop driving in circles. Don’t continue to look at the same dotted yellow lines believing there is only one way. 

Life does come with turn lanes. Move over, turn on that blinker and try one. If it isn’t the right one, try another ¬¬– and another and another. This is your road of life and you are the only one who can drive it. 

Now when I travel through roundabouts, I think back to my first one and chuckle.

In the same way, I look back at life, the opportunities that frightened me and I chuckle. 

Without clicking on my blinker and moving into the turning lane I would have continued in a very small circle without exploring the turns that have taken me on magnificent adventures. Without learning how to take a risk when I knew my life needed a different path, I would have never seen the amazing scenery I have experienced in my life. 

Not all turns have been perfect, but the good news is there is always another turn ahead, another opportunity, another experience and journey. 

I still am not a big fan of roundabouts. I would rather come to a stop, look both ways and think about which way I am going to turn then proceed with caution. 

I have come to realize that the roundabouts in life allow so many opportunities to choose from, so many chances to change and so many ways to live your life. Don’t be afraid to drive right in and pick the turn that leads you to the adventure and happiness that you deserve. 

Pennie’s Life Lesson: You are the only one that can drive your road of life. Don’t miss the turns that lead to adventure and happiness.

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Pennie Hunt