Buford Is The Only Place You Can’t Buy Skittles, According to Skittles

In case you were curious, the only place you can't buy Skittles (gummies) is Buford, Wyoming.

Ellen Fike

May 26, 20212 min read

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In case you were curious, the only place you can’t buy Skittles Gummies is Buford, Wyoming.

This is according to the colorful candy company itself, which announced the news Wednesday morning with a map of the entire United States.

“SKITTLES Gummies are officially everywhere in the continental USA, with the exception of Buford, Wyoming,” a post on the company’s social media site said Wednesday.

The map included an “X” on Buford’s location, with an apology to the “town,” where no one actually lives. Its gas station and trading post were closed a few years ago.

The company did not say if regular Skittles were available in Buford, but it is unlikely, due to there being basically nothing in the town.

The town’s owner Pham Dinh Nguyen bought Buford for $900,000 in an online auction a few years ago. It was the only location in the United States that carried his coffee, PhinDeli Coffee. He never lived in the town and only visited occasionally, and the store was managed for him. It was closed in 2017.

Buford wasn’t always desolate, once having more than 2,000 residents in its heyday due to being a railroad town, according to NPR.

Respondents to the Twitter announcement showed empathy for the non-existent residents of the ghost town.

“I feel bad for Burford,” Lime Miyaki tweeted, spelling the name of the town incorrectly.

“Anyplace without Skittles Gummies is a sad place,” the Skittles Twitter account replied.

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Ellen Fike