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Bad Predator Policies In Montana, Idaho Could Derail Delisting Wyoming Grizzlies, Bear Expert Says

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A grizzly bear sow leads her cubs through the snow in Grand Teton National Park. (Getty Images)

Wyoming’s efforts to delist grizzly bears – possibly within the next year – could be derailed by poor predator management plans in Montana and Idaho, a bear expert told Cowboy State Daily. 

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Wyoming Rancher Says Colorado Wolves Are A Bad Idea: “It’s Going To Be A Wreck”

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Photo by Matt Moyer/Getty Images

Wyoming rancher Pat O’Toole says his family’s operation, which straddles the Wyoming-Colorado state line, is already under pressure from bears and mountain lions. He says Colorado’s plan to re-introduce more wolves only will make things worse.

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‘Worth Two Or Three Cowboys’: Owner, Neighbors Mourn Cisco, Cattle Dog Killed By Wolves

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Cisco, a working cattle dog in Colorado, was killed by wolves in that state's only wolf pack. (Courtesy Photo)

Cattle dogs are valuable working animals, and “Cisco” left a big hole in his owners’ hearts when he was killed by wolves from Colorado’s North Park wolf pack. They said he was worth “two or three cowboys.”

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Colorado’s North Park Pack Has Something In Common With Wyoming Wolves – Killing Dogs

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(Getty Images)

Colorado’s North Park wolf pack, which has crossed into Wyoming at times, killed two dogs there within a day of each other earlier this month. Wreaking trouble among its neighbors isn’t new to the North Park pack. The wolves are blamed for killing 10 livestock animals a little more than a year ago.

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Wolves In Minnesota Live Very Different Lives Compared To Wolves in Wyoming

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(Courtesy Photo, Thomas Gable)

A wolf seeking a fresh meal in the humid Minnesota darkness needs sharp ears and patience. Lots of patience. While wolf packs in Wyoming, Montana and Idaho are going after elk and other big game, their cousins in Minnesota, at least during warmer months, frequently hunt or fish solo, grabbing whatever they can get. 

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Environmental Group Threatens Lawsuit To Stop Wyoming Hunters Killing Colorado Wolves

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A pack of gray wolves in the snow in Yellowstone National Park. (Getty Images)

In a letter threatening a lawsuit, the Center For Biological Diversity wants the U.S. Forest Service to shut down the shooting of wolves that cross the border from Colorado into Wyoming.

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Colorado Pack Started By Wyoming Wolves Likely Hasn’t Spawned Second Pack

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Getty Images

“Potential sightings” of wolves in Colorado outside of the North Park pack’s established territory don’t necessarily mean another pack has formed in that state. Meanwhile evidence also suggests that 18 calves found dead weren’t killed by wolves, as initially suspected.

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Parasite May Make Wyoming Wolves – And People – Bolder, More Ambitious And Even Sexier

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(Photo by William Campbell/Sygma via Getty Images)

A parasite thought to be present in 27% of Yellowstone wolves makes makes the animal act more boldly and more likely to take a leadership position. In humans, it is thought to boost sex-appeal, although that is difficult to quantify, scientists said.

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Colorado Wolves May Have Crossed Border And Then Shot In Wyoming

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Wolf 2202 from the North Park pack. It's the first wolf born and collared in Colorado.

Three subadult female wolves shot in Wyoming just across the border from Colorado highlight stark differences in the states’ laws, where it’s illegal to kill wolves in Colorado but allowed in Wyoming.

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Cat Urbigkit: Ending Federal Wolf Oversight, or Permanent Protection?

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Columnist Cat Urbigkit writes: “Regardless of the naysayers seeking permanent wolf protections, Wyoming should celebrate its success on the 5-year anniversary of the removal of its gray wolves from the list of species federally protected under the Endangered Species Act. We’ve earned it.”

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Cat Urbigkit: ESA Decisions Ping-Pong Between Republican & Democratic Administrations – But Not In The Way You May Expect

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Columnist Cat Urbigkit writes: “Last week’s federal court decision placing gray wolves in most of the United States back under federal protection is often reported as a rollback of the Trump administration’s decision to delist wolves, yet few reports note that the Biden administration had supported and defended the decision made during Trump’s time in office.”

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Are “Guard Coyotes” A Thing?

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Guard coyotes
A coyote paruses the Wyoming range. (Photo credit: Cat Urbigkit)

Predator-prey systems (including predator-livestock conflicts) are complicated, multi-faceted, and site-specific, but an Oregon Extension publication has provided a broad solution for those of us in animal agriculture, virtually eliminating the need for lethal control of predators: Keeping well-behaved breeding pairs of coyotes in place in their territories to exclude other coyotes that may kill sheep. Thus, keeping these “guard coyotes” and “guard wolves” in place serves to protect our livestock.

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