Wyoming Schools Unprepared For Space Alien Invasion, But Maryland’s Aren’t

If space aliens invade Wyoming, its schools will be caught flat-footed, even though some schools in Maryland are preparing for an “Independence Day” scenario.

Mark Heinz

August 29, 20233 min read

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If space aliens come seeking planetary domination, Wyoming schools will apparently be caught completely unprepared, although some schools in Maryland will be ready.

A teacher in Ann Arundel County, Maryland, recently posted a video griping that — of all things — she had to sit through training for “alien invasion protocol procedures.”

A message sent to the teacher’s social media account requesting comment for a Cowboy State Daily article wasn’t answered.

Meanwhile, there’s been no word circulating in Wyoming education circles that prepping for a “War of the Worlds” scenario could become part of mandatory faculty and staff training for Cowboy State educations, Laramie High School Principal Fred George told Cowboy State Daily on Tuesday.

“I don’t even know what that would entail,” he said.

@awkwardmama107 Supposedly, there's at least one school district in Maryland which has provided its teachers with alien invasion protocols... #aliens #school #fyp #maryland #alieninvasion #LFG ♬ original sound - Awkwardmama107

Going All ‘X Files’

At least the Maryland teacher, whose name isn’t given in the video, seems to have a sense of humor.

Going by the handle “awkwardmama107,” she uses the theme from the hit paranormal TV series “The X Files” as the background music for her rant. She also uses a crude graphic of a flying saucer using a tractor beam to suck a hapless Earthling into the alien ship.

“I can’t believe we sat through a school safety meeting today and we went through alien invasion protocol procedures: ‘What to do if there’s an alien invasion,’” she states in the video, seeming exasperated.

“I did not process anything that was said during that part of the presentation, because I could not believe what I was looking at,” she adds. “Like, did anybody else out there get alien invasion protocols? What to do with your students if there’s an alien invasion?”

‘Maybe They’ll Invade The Eastern U.S.’

George said he understood the teacher’s exasperation over such seemingly pointless training.

“We’ve got enough immediate concerns,” he said. “I don’t think we want to even start thinking about aliens invading.”

Albany County School District Superintendent John Goldhardt said that if aliens really did start touching down on Earth with bad intentions, the best protocol might just be everybody for themselves.

“I we really did have an alien invasion, I think I would probably just run,” he said.

He also speculated that there might be E.T. intrusion training going on in densely populated areas such as Maryland because they would be juicier targets for aliens than Wyoming.

“Maybe the aliens are planning to invade the Eastern U.S., but not the Intermountain West,” he said.

Alien Fever Surges

The alien invasion training in Maryland could be in response to the latest round of UFO fever.

Former Air Force Intelligence Officer David Grusch kicked off the latest flurry of E.T. hype when he gave an interview claiming that he had proof the government is in possession of crashed alien spacecraft, and possibly even bodies. 

His claims were taken seriously enough to prompt a recent congressional hearing on the matter.

However, two University of Wyoming astronomers recently told Cowboy State Daily that they were highly skeptical of those claims and remained unconvinced that Wyoming, or anywhere else on Earth, is being visited by beings from outer space.

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