Josh Allen Works Really Hard For It, But Finally Delivers A Joke

Former University of Wyoming quarterback Josh Allen had to work very hard to deliver an obscene joke Wednesday morning, but when he was able to finally deliver the punchline, he reacted as if he won the Super Bowl.

Jimmy Orr

August 02, 20233 min read

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Immature? Yes. 

Sophomoric? Yes.

But that doesn’t mean it’s not funny — to some.

Former University of Wyoming quarterback Josh Allen appeared on "Pardon My Take," a popular podcast from Barstool Sports on Wednesday and told an off-color joke that many, admittedly, would find stupid.

Allen had to work hard to deliver the one-liner. It was not an easy joke to tell because they weren't biting.

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Allen and hosts Dan “Big Cat” Katz and "PFT Commenter," were talking about food; buffalo wings in particular.

The two hosts asked Allen, who has said Weitzels Wings in Laramie is his favorite wing stop, if he had tried the "Wingnutz" restaurant yet.

The Joke

Allen said he hasn’t but suggested the duo try "Room 40" instead.

That was the set-up line, but they weren’t falling for it. 

They said they hadn’t tried Room 40 yet because they were loyal to Wingnutz and just moved on.

Allen wasn’t having any of that. He had to deliver his joke.


“It’s here,” Allen said. “It’s down the street.”

Again, no real reaction, so Allen forced it.

Finally, PFT Commenter said he would try Room 40 if Allen promised to try Wingnutz.

The Delivery

This gave Allen the opening for his joke.

“Where are you going to go?” he asked, salivating to deliver his zinger.

“Room 40,” they both said.

Here was Allen’s glorious moment to deliver the joke of all jokes.

“Room for these nuts in your mouth,” he said, beaming.

“Ohhhhh,” the hosts replied, knowing that they had been catfished.


Allen reacted as if he had won the Super Bowl. “Let’s go!” Allen yelled, extending both arms victoriously.

Big Cat reluctantly realized the significance of the moment and said, “What a walk-off.”

“What a f**king walk-off,” Cat repeated.

“Yes!” Allen said, pointing at the camera, triumphantly. 


Moments later, PFT Commenter trolled Allen on Twitter (or whatever it’s called now) when he shared the video.

“Frankly disgusting sophomoric behavior unbecoming of a starting QB in the NFL. Jokes about genitals? What are we six?” he said.

Allen replied back with a meme asking if they were "gonna cry.”

It was a glorious moment on social media.

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