Don Day: Wyoming Is In “Bullseye” Of New Winter-Like Storm; Big Snow, Below Zero Temps

Although Don Day said it's too early to predict how much snow will fall across Wyoming, he said Wyoming is in the "bullseye" of this major winter-like storm and to be prepared for below zero temperatures and probable heavy accumulations of snow.

Don Day

April 01, 20233 min read

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UPDATED STORY, SUNDAY, APRIL 2, 2023: Wyoming To Get Blasted By Major Winter-Like Storm

It looks like Wyoming could be in the crosshairs for another big winter-like snowstorm.

Cowboy State Daily meteorologist Don Day issued a special weather statement on Saturday morning to alert people in the region that we’ve got a big one coming our way.

“Our confidence is quite high that we’re going to see an intense winter-like storm and Wyoming is in the bullseye,” Day said, mentioning that parts of North Dakota, South Dakota, and Nebraska will get hit as well.

Day said heavy snow accumulations will likely occur in a southwest to northeast band beginning overnight Sunday and in to Monday and Tuesday. He said it was too early to predict how much, however.

“There’s very cold air with this storm,” Day said. “So it’s going to be 99% snow.”

Temperatures in many areas will be in the single digits and below zero in the overnight hours.

“You add all this up and it is going to be a very dangerous storm for young and weak livestock,” Day said.

Two Phases

Day said we should look at the storm in two phases.  There’s the initial storm that will put snow on the ground in western and parts of central Wyoming by Monday morning but the sequel is what we should really be paying attention to.

Once the storm gets over the continental divide, the storm will “re-form,” he said and intensify.

The one area of the state, Day said, which might miss the heavy snow is southeastern Wyoming and that will all depend on how far it dips.

“Laramie and Cheyenne are on the razor’s edge of this storm and if the storm moves any further south, the harsh winter storm conditions will get them too,” he said.

Day said there will be an intense period of heavy snow on the Interstate 25 corridor on Monday night through Tuesday afternoon.

He said although he wouldn’t predict snowfall totals yet, preliminary models indicate that it could be anywhere from a few inches to over two feet of snow. “It’s too early to tell,” he said.

Day said he would issue another forecast and video on Sunday morning which will be seen here on Cowboy State Daily.

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