Wyoming’s Predator Coyotes Can Be Shot With Night Vison If Gordon Signs Law

A bill that would allow predator hunters to use night vision scopes, infrared technology and other equipment to shoot coyotes on public land is headed to Gov. Mark Gordons desk.

Mark Heinz

February 22, 20232 min read

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Wyoming predator hunters are closer to having the green light to go after coyotes and other animals deemed pests using night vision scopes and similar equipment on public lands. 

House Bill 104, which would allow nighttime public land predator hunting, cleared its final hurdle with the Wyoming Legislature on Tuesday when the state Senate voted 27-4 to accept a joint conference committee’s recommendation to pass the bill. 

That means it’s now headed to Gov. Mark Gordon, who can either sign it into law or reject it.

Halted On A Technicality

The Wyoming House passed HB 104 on Jan. 27 and the Senate on Feb. 13. However, it failed to pass concurrence with the House the next day and was sent to the joint conference committee. 

Just prior to Tuesday’s vote, Sen. Brian Boner, R-Douglas, explained that the hold-up had been over some wording in the bill that had nothing to do with the actual substance of it. 

Already Allowed On Private Property

Under current regulations, hunters with permission from landowners can shoot coyotes and other predatory animals on private property at night with the aid of spotlights, night vison scopes and similar equipment. But they can’t do it on public land in Wyoming. 

During previous discussions, proponents of the bill argued that the practice is already allowed on public land in numerous other states, including all of those bordering Wyoming.

Opponents argued that letting people hunt after dark on public land could lead to problems, including property damage and perhaps even accidental shootings of people.

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