Cheyenne Corporation Disputes Report That It Is Shell For Trump Superhero Cards

A Cheyenne company on Tuesday disputed claims by a national journalist that it is a front for the company selling digital trading cards featuring former President Trump. "(Our company) has nothing to do with Trump or the NFT cards," the business told Cowboy State Daily.

Clair McFarland

December 21, 20222 min read

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A Wyoming company on Tuesday bristled at claims that it is a front for the company selling digital trading cards featuring former President Donald Trump as various icons and heroes.  

American journalist and New York Times best-selling author Kurt Eichenwald on Thursday penned a report saying that NFT International LLC is peddling Trump trading cards.  

NFT International LLC is a company registered to a string of Cheyenne-based LLCs, ultimately registered to a corporation, Wyoming Corporate Services Inc., which is also in Cheyenne.  

But the Trump-card purveyor is NFT INT LLC.  

It’s a crucial distinction for Wyoming Corporate Services, which told Cowboy State Daily on Tuesday that Eichenwald’s report is not accurate.  

“Someone has made a very serious error from what we have found so far,” Therese Hoard, vice-president for Wyoming Corporate Services, told Cowboy State Daily on Tuesday.  

Hoard said NFT International is owned by Wyoming Corporate Services, but she said it has never transacted any business.  

“It has not done anything,” said Hoard. “It has absolutely nothing to do with Trump or the NFT cards.”

NFTs are non-fungible tokens, or digital assets that can be resold at a profit.

Delaware Connection

NFT INT LLC, however, is registered in Delaware to another Delaware-based entity called The Corporation Trust Co.  

Like Wyoming, Delaware allows limited liability companies to register through registered agents – allowing public anonymity for actual business operatives.  

Whoever does own NFT INT LLC is likely pleased with the Trump cards’ success so far: the cards sold out within hours of their release, amassing nearly $4.5 million for the company.

 On Sunday they were worth about seven times their original $99 sale value, though they dipped to about $350 on Monday, according to media reports. 

According to, the proceeds are not going toward Trump’s presidential campaign.  

Trump, however, has at least gained licensing fees from the deal.

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