Letter to the Editor: Current GOP Is Being Led Down A Path Of Destruction

Doug Camblin writes: " Dear Editor, the current Wyoming Republican Party is being led down a path of destruction by individuals that are intolerant of any views other than theirs."

May 15, 20223 min read

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Dear Editor,

The campaign season is upon us. The filing period has begun. The Republican party needs solid leadership to guide your towns, cities, counties, and the State of Wyoming into the next chapters of our future. The grassroots of the party is the Precinct men and women.

I encourage every registered Republican to first Vote, second do not bypass the bottom of the ballot where the precinct positions are listed. Third get to know the people that have filed.  Fourth choose your party leadership wisely. Do they want to grow the party? Do they believe that every registered Republican has the right to voice their views without fear of reprisal?

Do they want to ensure that every County is represented at our State Convention. Do they believe every Republican voter should be represented equally in the State Central Committee. Are the County dues weighted by its representation at the State Central Committee. The way to get this party back to being a strong voice for all Republicans starts at this local level.

Qualified leadership is essential. I will use an analogy that helps me determine if someone is able to do the job we elect them to do.

My wife and I own and operate a ranch, a trucking business, and a gravel pit. We employ people with specific skill sets to make sure these businesses operate at the safest, most efficient, and profitable manner possible.

If we need a mechanic to say, rebuild an engine on a truck. We search out someone or a business that first specializes in that field.  Second has a proven successful track record doing that job. We don’t allow anyone to touch those valuable pieces of equipment that just think they can.

Just because they think they can or their friends think they can and have talked them into trying, don’t get to touch our equipment. This same analogy goes for your business or job. People in positions that hire or promote employees use this same method to make decisions. Are they qualified or up to the task?

This Party is in need of Qualified people to be assigned to leadership roles. This party is being led down a path of destruction by individuals that are intolerant of any views other than theirs.

The actions of the SCC at the State Convention proves that the majority does not care about the US or State Constitution or the party bylaws and platform.

They are operating as a totalitarian republic which the end result will be death to the Wyoming GOP and ultimately Wyoming as we know it. Wyoming has always been a wonderful place to live, work and do business. Can we still call ourselves the Equality State? We can no longer say our party is the Equality Party.

We need to change the direction the party is going. That can only be done by electing qualified individuals to all elected offices, starting at the precinct level.

The party has two jobs. Raising money for all Republicans and growing the registered Republican numbers. Encourage every friend or neighbor to vote. If not a registered Republican then promote why it’s the best party and operated correctly provides the best leadership.

Stay Wyoming Strong

Doug Camblin.

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