Colorado State Patrol Officer Nearly Hit While Performing Traffic Stop on I-25

A Colorado State Patrol trooper was nearly hit on Tuesday following a traffic stop on Interstate 25.

Jimmy Orr

February 17, 20222 min read

Colorado state patrol trooper scaled

It was a close call for a Colorado State Trooper on Tuesday morning when a vehicle slammed into a car on Interstate 25 that was pulled over for a traffic stop.

Dashcam footage from the trooper’s vehicle captured the harrowing crash and just how close a call it was for Colorado State Patrol Trooper Travis Hood.

Hood had just pulled over the driver of a 2010 Kia Sedan and was walking back to his vehicle after collecting the driver’s license of the occupant in order to write a citation.

Mere seconds later, a 2008 Dodge Minivan careened into the stationary vehicle subsequently launching the Kia into a concrete barrier wall.

Hood was uninjured in the collision. The occupant of the Kia sustained moderate injuries and was transported to a local hospital.

The driver of the minivan sustained minor injuries and was cited for careless driving.

“Every day law enforcement officers and other roadway workers put themselves at risk in an effort to improve safety on our roadways,” said Colonel Matthew Packard, chief of the Colorado State Patrol.

“Sadly incidents like these happen with incredible frequency and we are fortunate that a bigger tragedy didn’t play out yesterday on I-25,” he said. “There is no excuse for driving past any stopped vehicle at this rate of speed.

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