Marjorie Taylor Greene: Cheney Has “Very Conservative” Voting Record; More Conservative Than Other Republicans

Far right Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene on Friday said Liz Cheney not only had a "very conservative" voting record but was more conservative than other Republican members.

Jimmy Orr

January 24, 20222 min read

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The message is something the Liz Cheney office has been reminding voters for nearly a year now: Wyoming’s congresswoman is a conservative and a staunch one at that.

But ever since Cheney stood up to Trump after the January 6 riots, detractors have tried to paint Cheney as a liberal or a RINO — despite her conservative voting record.

If the results of a straw poll held at a statewide Republican gathering over the weekend are any indication of what party activists choose to believe, the RINO label is working as Republican challenger Harriett Hageman trounced the incumbent 59 – 6 when asked which candidate they preferred in the 2022 primary.

Ask many conservatives what they really believe, however, and a different viewpoint emerges: reality. Cheney voted with Trump 93% of the time he was in office. In the 117th Congress, Cheney’s rating was 96%.

Far right wing Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene, a Trump disciple and an outspoken critic of Cheney, acknowledged Cheney’s credentials while appearing on former Trump advisor Steven Bannon’s podcast on Friday.

Taylor Greene was explaining to Bannon’s listeners why Democrats shouldn’t cross over and vote for Cheney in the primary this summer.

“Let me remind everyone, while Democrats are being fooled by Liz Cheney right now, they should remember that she is not a Democrat,” Taylor Green said.

“As a matter of fact, she has a very conservative voting record. More conservative than some of my Republican colleagues, by the way,” she said.

Although Bannon’s audience is limited, this is the Internet age. Don’t be surprised if this clip from the Georgia congresswoman finds its way circulating to a much larger audience through advertising later this year.

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