Ghost Hunters Find Chandelier In Cheyenne (For Some Reason They Say It’s Haunted)

Wyoming ghost hunters have reported the discovery of a chandelier in Cheyenne (which they say is haunted for some reason).

Ellen Fike

October 28, 20212 min read

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Wyoming ghost hunters have reported the discovery of a chandelier in Cheyenne (which they say is haunted), possibly the least weird of inanimate objects that could be possessed by ghosts.

Haunting Across America is paranormal investigation team based out of Wyoming and their most recent hunt has uncovered some allegedly creepy activity in the Knights of Pythias building in downtown Cheyenne.

A 15-second video posted to YouTube and the group’s Facebook page shows a chandelier slowly spinning allegedly on its own, briefly stopping and starting up again.

The building is used every fall as the Knights’ haunted house attraction “Nightmare on 17th Street.” Visitors are led through the huge building’s labyrinth-like basement into rooms themed around horror movie villains and other frightening elements (including clowns).

There are many reports that the building is haunted, and it’s included on the website “Haunted Places,” a resource listing allegedly haunted locations in all 50 states, Washington, D.C. and Puerto Rico.

Staff have reported feeling cold spots, hearing voices and footsteps and even seeing a shadowy figure standing at the top of the stairs.

Haunting Across America has an additional, 30-minute video that shows their investigation into the building, but be warned: you can’t see much (because investigations take place in the dark).

We can’t say whether or not the chandelier is for sure haunted, but we can say we have seen movies about way sillier inanimate objects doing evil deeds, so we’ll be here waiting for the movie of the haunted chandelier to hit theaters.

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Ellen Fike