Desert Heat Invading Wyoming; Long-Term Forecast Dismal

in Don Day

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Wyoming’s weatherman Don Day on Friday said Wyoming is about to get a blast of desert heat and the long-range forecast for precipitation is not looking good.

Day, in his morning podcast, said a dome of high pressure is moving into the state from the desert southwest and that will “open the floodgates” for desert heat.

“What will happen is kind of like an accordion,” Day said. “Underneath this area of high pressure is a lot of very, very warm air. And, this high pressure Ridge will build and expand and then it will sometimes contract.”

Day said there is a large part of North America – which includes Wyoming – that’s going to be hot for a an extended time along with sparse precipitation.

“These temperatures are really amazing. The heat gets all the way to Nova Scotia, and back down into Mexico,” he said.

He did say there would be some thunderstorms this weekend but they would like produce little rain but lots of wind.

Day said if the European weather prediction model is correct, expect hot temperatures with little rain all the way through July 4.

He said the weather pattern is similar to what Wyoming experienced during the summer of 2012.

“So after what was a pretty good May for a lot of you, the next 30 days is not terribly optimistic,” Day said.  “Were going to have hot and dry conditions at least for the first couple of weeks of June.”

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