Dave Simpson: One Last-Gasp Effort To Get Answers

Weekly columnist Dave Simpson writes: "I'm glad our new U.S. Senator, Cynthia Lummis, won't be going along to get along when the Electoral College vote arrives this week in the Senate."

Dave Simpson

January 06, 20214 min read

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I’m glad our new U.S. Senator, Cynthia Lummis, won’t be “going along to get along” when the Electoral College vote arrives this week in the Senate.

It takes guts to stand up to this crowd.

Question anything about the election and you’re branded a nut, a conspiracy theorist, or un-American by Democrats, many weak-kneed Republicans, and the vastly-liberal news media. Missing, in all the insistence that this was “the most secure election in history,” are answers to some nagging questions.

The challenge from 140 members of the House and 13 members of the Senate may be our last chance to get some answers.

Some lefty friends from my newsroom days can’t believe I question the election results. Having doubts, they figure, is tin-foil-hat conspiracy stuff, lunacy, Crazy Town. Maybe even a coup attempt.

One liberal friend sends emails questioning my mental state if I suggest that Trump isn’t Beelzebub reincarnate. When I disagree, he is mystified. His most recent response (a direct quote): “Wow.”

I told that friend of almost 40 years to quit sending me links to the “New York Times” and the “Washington Post,” which both did everything they could to undermine, demean and ridicule the president. The tradition of covering both sides, fairly, is lost in the fog of vociferous Trump hatred. (My local paper depicted President Trump as a pig on Saturday’s editorial page. Nice.)

Have you noticed that when someone is insistent about you believing something, that that something almost always becomes more questionable? It’s what they call a “tell.” It’s what they frantically want you to believe. If you don’t, they get the vapors.

A normal person, however, might respond, “Why do I have to believe this? Can’t I ask the questions I usually ask? Isn’t that OK? Are you the boss of me? And why do you get so upset about simple questions?”

I have questions about the November election. I’m not saying I can never accept a verdict that Joe Biden won. But, the more angry people get over questions, the more suspicious I get.

Maybe someone with facts (not some judge dodging a hot potato) can answer some questions:

Why did they stop counting votes late in the evening of November 3rd in Georgia? Is it true they told the people charged with watching the vote counting to go home? And is it true that after the observers left, they resumed counting votes? And what about those bins of ballots stored under that skirted table, seen on video? What’s the deal with that?

Why did Biden get so many votes – enough to take the lead – in the wee hours of the night, in several battleground states?

Why did they put cardboard over windows at that ballot counting venue in Detroit, so that observers couldn’t observe? What good are observers who can’t observe? Is there a no-looky provision in Michigan election law?

Is it true that thousands of ballots were counted with only Joe Biden’s name checked and no others?  Who votes for just one person on a ballot? And how do you explain Biden doing so much better in five battleground states than in other Democrat strongholds? So much better than liberal icon Barack Obama did in 2008 and 2012?

Seventy four million of us smell a rat.

Isn’t this really about opening the flood gates of loosy-goosy mail-in voting, counting ballots with no postmarks, no signatures, and with the corresponding envelopes destroyed?

Is it true that voters who had left states were sent ballots they didn’t request?

How about all those people who filed sworn affidavits about irregularities? Are they all liars?  And what about that truck full of ballots that reportedly disappeared in Pennsylvania?

Have they found that truck yet?

One would think that if our Democrat friends really wanted to “bring the nation together,” they would answer these questions. But they don’t. They just tell us we’re un-American if we ask.

When I was a kid, they held up the results in Cook County until Mayor Daley figured out how many votes John Kennedy needed to win.

Don’t tell me it’s impossible.

Good for our new senator telling the Washington elites, “Not so fast, boys!”

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