Texas Family Searching For Missing Man Last Seen In Laramie

A Texas family is searching for a missing mentally disabled man who was last seen in Laramie in early August.

Ellen Fike

September 04, 20203 min read

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A Texas family is searching for a missing mentally disabled man who was last seen in Laramie in early August.

According to NBC News, 37-year-old Roy Anderson Jr. was last seen at the Laramie Regional Airport by an employee on Aug. 4, which is also the last day anyone in his family had any contact with him.

Anderson, of Harker Heights, Texas, regularly takes bus trips to various areas, primarily Pine Bluff, Arkansas, where many of his family members live.

Lakeisha Anderson, the man’s sister, told NBC she is not sure why her brother was in the airport, since he normally travels by bus.

“We’re not sure why he was at the airport,” she said. “He usually just takes a bus, so we’re not sure what prompted him to just fly to Wyoming. We don’t even know anyone there.”

Lakeisha has a Twitter account where she is providing updates regarding her brother’s case. She also has a hashtag, #FindRoyJr, for people to follow.

Anderson’s suitcase was left unclaimed at the Laramie airport and was sent back to his family in Texas. Most of his personal effects were still in the suitcase, but not his wallet or cell phone.

His phone charger, however, was in the bag. The phone has apparently been turned off since he disappeared.

Anderson’s family has worked with his bank to track his movements and they determined his bank account was accessed on Aug. 9 in Denver.

Lakeisha Anderson told NBC that the Denver Police Department is working to obtain security footage to find out if the transaction was made by Roy.

There is no more money in his account, though.

“We’re just waiting at this point,” Lakeisha Anderson said. “It’s just been so long since we’ve heard from him and it doesn’t make sense. He would’ve found a way to contact us by now.”

The family is especially concerned because Roy needs medication for both diabetes and for symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder he suffers after having served as a contract worker in Afghanistan.

Roy Anderson’s mother, Brenda Anderson, told NBC that her son likes reading books about other states and travels to them on a whim. She thinks that may be why he was in Wyoming.

“I feel like he read about Wyoming and just wanted to go visit,” Brenda Anderson said. “But it’s been a month and there’s no sign of him and he hasn’t even tried to contact us. He would at least be in touch with me, his brother or his best friend. But nothing. That’s what worries us.”

Anyone who might have seen Roy Anderson is encouraged to contact the Laramie Police Department at 307-721-2526.

He is described as being around 5 feet, 5 inches tall and weighing between 250 and 260 pounds. He could have more facial hair than is seen in this picture, since he hasn’t had access to money for a haircut and shave.

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Ellen Fike