Instagram Poll: Intergalactic Spaceport Is Wyoming’s Worst Attraction

A recent poll on Instagram declared the worst attraction in every state and Green River's Intergalactic Spaceport is considered Wyoming's most infamous.

Ellen Fike

August 24, 20202 min read

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A recent poll on Instagram declared the worst attraction in every state and Green River’s Intergalactic Spaceport is considered Wyoming’s most infamous.

Artist Matt Shirley creates fun charts on his Instagram and Patreon accounts. Last week, he asked his nearly 400,000 Instagram followers what the worst attraction was in every state.

In addition to voting the Intergalactic Spaceport as Wyoming’s worst attraction, Shirley’s followers declared the Alamo as Texas’ worst, Casa Bonita as Colorado’s worst and Disney as Florida’s worst, apparently because they hate fun.

“I took the most popular answers and slapped them on a map so don’t blame me,” Shirley wrote on the post.

The “spaceport” is a dirt landing strip in the northern part of Green River created in response to 1994 NASA reports that Jupiter was in danger of being hit by some comet fragments. The impacts were of interest to the scientific community, but was considered mostly academic, since Jupiter isn’t considered to harbor intelligent life.

However, the city planners of Green River decided to officially rename the 5,000-ft. landing strip to the “Greater Green River Intergalactic Spaceport” to give refugees from Jupiter a sanctuary.

Some residents opposed this change, noting an existing housing shortage and the significant lack of aliens in the area. But the spaceport was made official, getting approval from the Federal Aviation Administration.

By Monday morning, Shirley’s Instagram post had racked up nearly 24,000 likes.

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Ellen Fike