Gordon and Media Have Created a ‘COVID Casedemic’

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By Deb Oakley Simpson, Guest Columnist

CODY – As of last Friday, 3,183 total positive COVID cases in Wyoming. With 2,641 recovered. Do the math: 3183-2641 = 542 active COVID cases in Wyoming. 

There are 13 hospitalizations. Which means those that have it do not have very severe symptoms or they’d be in the hospital. 

For reference, in 2018-2019 Wyoming had 10,009 “reported” influenza cases. Compared to the 3,183 reported cases of COVID. Honestly, in Wyoming to this point, it is one-third to one-half as bad as an average flu year. 

Why is Gov. Mark Gordon persisting in restrictions on our citizens, our small businesses and our economy? The answer is bad advice and an unwillingness to think and research for himself. 

For Wyoming deaths are still the best metric. Thirty total. There are 12 in Fremont County, 5 in Washakie (several of those from the same nursing home), 3 deaths in Laramie county. Uinta and Sweetwater with 2. Teton, Big Horn, Carbon, Johnson, Natrona and Campbell with 1 death per County. AND 12 counties with ZERO COVID deaths. 

Again, for reference, 66 deaths from flu/pneumonia last year. AND we still need to know how many died BECAUSE of COVID and how many died simply WITH COVID . . . a statistic that should be readily available from the Department of Health if there was any value placed on transparency, but sadly there’s not in the Gordon administration.

How can our Governor willfully ignore those numbers? 

Why does he allow the restrictions to continue when he has to know they cause more harm to Wyoming’s economy at a time when we need to be doing all we can to HELP our struggling economy? 

I simply find his willingness to put on the blinders and ignore what his actions and those of an overwrought Health Department do to the bulk of Wyomingites to be absolutely wrong and shameful.

Also, cases are not a good metric. The media and the Health officials like to create a COVID Casedemic, but if it’s not deadly do cases really matter? 

If it’s all about cases, but not deaths why don’t we do all of this for the common cold or any other virus. Don’t buy the hype.

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