President Trump Endorses Cynthia Lummis

Add President Trump to a long list of conservative superstars who have endorsed former Wyoming Congressman Cynthia Lummis' U.S. Senate campaign.

Annaliese Wiederspahn

August 14, 20202 min read

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(Cowboy State Daily Staff)

As if former Wyoming Congressman Cynthia Lummis didn’t have enough conservative endorsements for her U.S. Senate campaign, she received the biggest one on Thursday with President Donald Trump giving her his thumbs up.

“Cynthia Lummis is a friend of mine and a great woman. She is running for Senate in the very Special State of Wyoming. Cynthia is Strongly for our Military, our Vets, and protection of the Second Amendment…” President Trump tweeted. “She will be a great Senator, and has my Complete and Total Endorsement!

Lummis, who has already received endorsements from a whos-who list of conservative superstars and conservative organizations, was thankful of the endorsement.

“I am honored to have the endorsement of President Trump,” Lummis said. “Right now, it is more important than ever that we follow President Trump’s lead and put America First!”

“In the U.S. Senate, I’ll stand shoulder-to-shoulder with President Trump to bring manufacturing jobs back to the United States from overseas and get our economy back on track,” she said.

“With support from the people of Wyoming, I look forward to working with President Trump to launch the Great American Comeback,” Lummis said.

Lummis, who served for eight years as Wyoming’s sole representative in Congress from 2008-2016, is running to fill the seat being left vacant by Senator Mike Enzi.

Prior to serving in the U.S. House of Representatives, Lummis spent eight years as Wyoming State Treasurer and 14 years as a member of the Wyoming State House and Senate.

Lummis has also been endorsed by U.S. Senators Mike Enzi, John Barrasso, Ted Cruz, Rand Paul, Mike Lee, Kevin Cramer, Cory Gardner, Steve Daines, Tom Cotton, Tim Scott and Bill Cassidy, among others.

She’s also received support from conservative champion Foster Friess, Congressman Jim Jordan, the National Rifle Association, Club for Growth, Senate Conservative Fund, and FreedomWorks for America. A list of endorsements can be found here.

Wyoming’s primary election will be held this Tuesday, August 18.

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Annaliese Wiederspahn

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