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When Compassion Kills: There’s A Reason People Should Not Feed Wildlife, It Can Kill Them

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Mule deer have fine-tuned digestive systems that must adjust slowly to different foods. So, when hungry deer gorge on hay during the winter, it frequently kills them. (Photo Courtesy Wyoming Game and Fish)

While emergency elk feeding has been implemented in some parts of the Cowboy State, the Wyoming Game and Fish Department refuses to feed deer – and discourages others from doing it – because it can kill them.

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Raining Worms Sign Of Armageddon? Wyoming Meteorologist Don Day Says Don’t Worry (This Time)

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A video of what appears to be thousands of worms raining down isn’t exactly what it seems. Cowboy State Daily Meteorologist Don Day says phenomena like this do happen in nature. There have been raining frogs, fish, salamanders, and worms — but probably not this time.

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20 Calves Dropping In 24 Hours: Wyoming Ranchers Don’t Stop For Blizzards

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(Photos Courtesy Laura Duchsherer)

It doesn’t make any difference if the weather is bad or not, when it’s calving season, Wyoming ranchers have to be ready. On the Tavegia Ranch near Osage, Wyoming, 20 calves were born over a 24-hour period right in the middle of a blizzard.

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Carbon County Volunteers Worked Around The Clock Rescuing People In Latest Arctic Storm

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Mike Lujan and his fellow volunteers from Carbon County were among the dozens of people working around the clock to help people. “We physically carried a sweet little 94-year-old lady in our arms out to our tracked vehicle and shuttled her to a hotel because she had no food or heat,” he said. 

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Stuck In Cheyenne Since Monday, Long-Haul Trucker Says “We’re Brothers In Arms”

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Whenever long-haul trucker Zayy Bullard drives through Wyoming in the winter, if Interstate 80 is closed he hopes he gets as far as Little America between Green River and Evanston because it’s a “small town for truckers.” He didn’t make it that far this time…

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Photographer Captures Rare Yellowstone Double Sun Dog At ‘Just The Right Moment’

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Double sun dog captured and shared by nature and wildlife photographer Darren McTee

A photographer in Yellowstone caught a rare phenomenon – a double sun dog “of epic proportions,” created by the sun’s light refracting through ice crystals suspended in the air in bitter cold temperatures.

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Scientists Say People In Colder Climates May Live Longer

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Good news for Wyomingites… Science has proven that cold temperatures can prolong the life of cells. This “refrigerator effect” helps to slow the aging process, scientists say, while also killing off dangerous insects and bacteria that may otherwise survive in warmer climates.

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Uh-Oh: Lander’s Snowblower Breaks Down, Leaving Mountains Of Snow In Middle Of Roads

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Photos courtesy, Mike Kusiek

What happens when a town’s only industrial snowblower breaks down in the middle of a particularly snowy winter? That’s happening in Lander right now and some townspeople are really upset about it while others are saying just “chill.”

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Despite The Sub-Zero Temps, Wyoming Delivery Drivers Still Getting The Job Done

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Paul Davies of Laramie delivers an order Wednesday as the temperature plummets. (Greg Johnson, Cowboy State Daily)

Roads are closed, streets are snowy and wind chills are reaching dangerous levels. But delivery drivers are still out there providing services to people in their warm homes.

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Don’t Want To Be A Wyoming Roadside Popsicle? Goose Down And Butter Might Save You

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Getty Images

As the entire state is expected to be below zero by Thursday, it’s wise not to go out. If you must, make sure your car is packed with the essentials: a sleeping bag for each person in the car, high-calorie food, warm drinks, and a few sticks of butter.

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All Of Wyoming To Get Blasted By Arctic Blast; Snow, High Winds, Dangerous Wind Chills Expected

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Here we go… All of Wyoming will feel the brunt of an impending winter storm, says Cowboy State Daily meteorologist Don Day said, with much of the state getting between 6 – 12 inches of snow. High winds and dangerous wind chills are expected as well.

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Don Day: “This Ain’t The Last Snowstorm This Season In Wyoming”

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Meteorologist Don Day said travel along I-80 will be challenging over the next two days as several inches of snow is expected. And that’s not all. Another big cold front is headed toward Wyoming in 8 or 9 days. “I’m going to have to go into witness protection after all of this,” Day said.

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