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Dave Simpson: Time To Forgive And Forget? Nope.

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Columnist Dave Simpson writes: “After almost three years of vilifying us over one often contradictory decree after another, the folks who made no secret of their frustration with us – even firing some for not taking an experimental vaccine – now those folks want understanding. I don’t think so.”

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Dave Simpson: Bottom Line, Stupid Is As Stupid Does

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Columnist Dave Simpson writes: “When Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez was asked about President Biden’s screwy decision to wipe out $10,000 to $20,000 of most student loans – on our dime – she said it wasn’t enough. Not nearly enough! What do you say to an entitled brat like that?”

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Dave Simpson: These Are The ‘Adults In The Room?’

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Columnist Dave Simpson writes: “If this is the best the adults in the room can do – runaway inflation, gasoline prices through the roof, chaos at the border with Mexico, enough deadly fentanyl streaming in to kill us all, a thwarted murder plot against a Supreme Court justice, prosecutors who don’t prosecute, and a nonstop stream of confusing word salad from our president and vice president?”

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Dave Simpson: A Time When Every Day Is Saturday

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Columnist Dave Simpson write: “We’re lucky in Wyoming, where most who head off to Washington stay for a few terms, then come home to the state they’ve professed to love for years. Most don’t go native in Washington, and that’s a good thing. (Sadly, Mike Enzi didn’t get much time to enjoy life back home before his tragic accident.)”

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Dave Simpson: Conspiracy Theorists, You Say?

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Columnist Dave Simpson writes: State party politics is sort of a hobby – like spelunking, or flying model airplanes – with little connection to everyday conservatives who just want smaller government, fewer regulations, lower taxes, secure borders, less crime, inflation relief, and a whole lot less of this “woke” insanity.

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Dave Simpson: Good News, The Legislature Got An F

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Dave Simpson writes that the Cheyenne newspaper gave the Legisature an F because they failed to raise taxes, cash-in on free Medicaid expansion money, didn’t spend as much humanly possible on American Rescue Plan Act money, and talked about silly issues like prohibiting guys from competing on girls’ athletic teams.

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Dave Simpson: Biteman’s Right – It’s ‘Pretty Childish’

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Columnist Dave Simpson writes: “The guy who represents me, and other constituents from eastern Laramie County clear up to Torrington, is held in serious contempt by the powers that be, and that’s why our senator no longer serves on any committees. You might say he got ‘Pelosied.'”

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Dave Simpson: The Rock ‘Em, Sock ‘Em State GOP

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Columnist Dave Simpson writes: “How I feel about Liz Cheney isn’t influenced by how many county Republican party groups censure her, fail to recognize her walking down the street, or take back her secret GOP decoder ring. What they do has nothing to do with how this former supporter feels about Liz (it’s not good)…”

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Dave Simpson: So Much For ‘Bringing Us Together’

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If you were surprised to learn that a person who once assisted people who spiked trees to endanger loggers now heads the Bureau of Land Management, you might be even more surprised to learn who has been nominated by feisty President Joe Biden to be comptroller of the nation’s banking system:

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Dave Simpson: Which Wyoming Town Is The Most ‘Typical’ Of The Cowboy State

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Dave Simpson says: Neither is Laramie, where I lived for six years back in the 1970s. There’s nothing typically Wyoming about our only university town, where 11,000 students goose the dickens out of the economy every August through June. And it has one of the best downtown business districts in the state.

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Dave Simpson: Want The Lowdown? Ask A Smoker!

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Columnist Dave Simpson writes: “If I really wanted to know what was going on – who was mad at whom, who was about to quit, what caused that new dent in the company van, and the very juiciest gossip – I would ask a smoker. They usually had the answer, and would roll their eyes that the boss was always the last to know.”

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Dave Simpson: Did You Hear About The Bank Robber Who Could Not Believe They Let Him Out!

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We keep seeing reports that in San Francisco, you can walk into a Walgreens, a Target, a TJ Maxx, or any other store, grab up to $949.99 worth a merchandise, brazenly walk out the door without paying, and you won’t face a felony charge. Not long ago, they raised the threshold for felony charges from $450 to $950.

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