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Riverton MD Blasts Powell Doc For Defending California ‘Diktat’ That Censors, Punishes Doctors 

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Dr. Kent Stockton writes: We are currently experiencing suppression and censorship of certain facts by powerful forces, despite copious documentation of those findings which do not fit the “official” narrative. This is not the way of the Scientific Method.

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Guest Column: Right To Bear Arms? Absolutely. Peace Officers Can’t Be Everywhere…

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Guest columnist and former peace officer Frank Groth writes: “The problem is that, like all peace officers, they cannot be everywhere. The simple fact that when danger, or the threat of it, can happen in seconds, the police are just minutes away is as true in the halls of the capitol as it is on my quiet street in Campbell County.”

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Cat Urbigkit: House Ag Committee Backs Bill to Compensate for Wolf Damage in Predator Zone

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Columnist Cat Urbigkit writes: I know of numerous instances when our family and our neighbors did not file claims for damages because we knew that the funding pool was so small and we wanted to save that money for folks who experienced worse damages that we did.”

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Aaron Turpen: Buying A Car At An Auction? Here’s What To Know So You Don’t Screw It Up

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Columnist Aaron Turpen writes: “A lot of people in Wyoming are turning to automotive auctions as a way to get a vehicle. It’s easy to screw this up, though. Especially if you’re new to vehicle auctions. Let’s talk turkey so you don’t look like one.”

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Rod Miller:  “Coach” – Say It With Respect

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Columnist Rod Miller writes: “His players revered Coach Young not only because he helped them win, but because he helped them become better men. Masculine virtue isn’t only winning, but also becoming better men, fathers and citizens. A proud dad could ask for no better influence on his jock son than that.”

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Dave Walsh: Watch For Trifecta Of Former UW Cowboys On NFL’s Championship Sunday

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(Getty Images)

There are three former Wyoming Cowboys who will be playing this weekend in the NFL conference championship games. Logan Wilson of the Cincinnati Bengals, Marcus Epps of the Philadelphia Eagles, and Tashaun Gipson of the San Francisco 49ers. Gipson is in his 12th season in the NFL.

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Cat Urbigkit: Food Waste Claims Don’t Add Up

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The average American household allegedly wastes nearly a third of the food it buys. Columnist Cat Urbigkit says that claim doesn’t pass the common-sense test, and took a look at the research that led to the claim, findingthere was creative accounting and a lack of credible information involved.

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Rod Miller: “The Paradox of Plenty,” Dave Freudenthal’s Unfinished History of Wyoming

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In reviewing former Wyoming Gov Dave Freudenthal’s new book, Rod Miller writes: “Pardon the mixed metaphors, but Freudenthal eloquently describes the kicking-the-can-down-the-road, all-eggs-in-one-basket corner into which we in Wyoming have painted ourselves.”

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Ogden Driskill: Medicaid Expansion — The Democrat Version of the American Dream

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Guest columnist Wyoming Senate President Ogden Driskill writes: “There are people who don’t believe federal overreach and out of control spending is such a bad thing, and those people support Medicaid expansion. That includes some ‘Biden Republicans. here in Wyoming.”

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Hageman Warns U.S. Heading For Fiscal Cliff, Says Legislators Must Fight For Coal, Oil & Gas

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Harriet Hageman visits with Wyoming lawmakers at the state Capitol in. Cheyenne on Wednesday. (Matt Idler for Cowboy State Daily)

U.S. Rep Harriet Hageman on Wednesday told Wyoming legislators that the U.S. is heading for a “fiscal cliff” and it was important that they continue to fight for coal, oil, and gas.

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Aaron Turpen: I Went To The DMV In Cheyenne And It Wasn’t Horrible

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Aaron Turpen writes; “My trip to the Cheyenne DMV was not the hell promised by Les Claypool when he sang about it in that Primus song. Perhaps the new age has brought improvements to the bureaucracy that Claypool referenced. Or maybe it’s just that I’m not attending a DMV in California.”

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Greg Johnson: You’re Never Too Old To Believe In Santa

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Greg Johnson writes: “If there’s one universal tradition that’s consistent year after year, it’s giving. That’s because the holidays aren’t about the stuff, they’re about the spirit behind the stuff. I count myself lucky I grew up in a house where giving outweighs the getting.”

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Cat Urbigkit: Why Working Ranches Should Be Important To Tourists Who Care About Yellowstone Wolves

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Columnist Cat Urbigkit writes: “Visitors to our national parks care about the wild animals that inhabit the region, but the importance of the interconnected private and public lands outside the park’s borders remains largely unknown.”

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Paul Ulrich: The Beauty Of Wyoming’s Small Ski Resorts & Learning To Ski On Tow Ropes & T-Bars

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Columnist Paul Ulrich writes, “The T-Bar is a spring loaded, twig and berry seeking mechanism that surely has left thousands of otherwise strong, healthy young men sterile. You literally attempt to put this frozen grape crusher between your legs to ride up the slope.”

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