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So You Think It Has Been Cold Lately In Wyoming? How Does -66 Sound To You?

in Column/Bill Sniffin

Bill Sniffin writes: “What is the official coldest temperature ever? UW Historian Phil Roberts said, “I think the record is still -66 recorded Feb. 9, 1933 at Moran. I heard the temperature was actually colder, but the thermometers didn’t have the capacity to register a lower reading!'”

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Tom Lubnau: Alright, Wyoming, Let’s Cut The Franchise Quarterback For Throwing One Interception

in Column/Tom Lubnau

Former Wyoming House Speaker Tom Lubnau writes: “I do not agree with Cheney’s decision to support impeachment. But, I urge my friends and neighbors to be slow to toss her to the sidelines. Out of tens of thousands of decisions, we don’t like one.”

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