In Brief: Cheyenne Frontier Days Bags Bucking Horse Roundup

A Cheyenne Frontier Days tradition has bitten the dust. The bucking horse roundup, which had replaced the cattle drive as the unofficial start to CFD, has been abruptly cancelled -- despite being on the official schedule for 2024.

Renée Jean

July 03, 20243 min read

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In just two weeks, the unofficial start to Cheyenne Frontier Days was set to kick off with the traditional bucking horse roundup from the pasture north of Cheyenne along I-25.

However, in spite of being listed on the official Cheyenne Frontier Days schedule for July 19 through July 28, the July 16 bucking horse roundup won’t be taking place after all.

Cheyenne Frontier Days officials announced on Monday that they are canceling the roundup, citing safety and timing issues. 

“Over the years our community has grown and expanded around us, and safety has become more of a focus when we bring animals closer to development and busy roadways,” Cheyenne Frontier Days said in a media release. “We also have timing to consider. Since adding Team Roping and Breakaway Roping, which bring 600 more contestants to Frontier Park each year, we need our timed event stock on park more than a week before our show starts.”

The bucking horse roundup, which involves about 50 horses, had replaced the cattle drive a couple of years ago. Similar reasons were cited then, particularly that the cattle were needed earlier for extended slack qualifiers prior to CFD’s start.

The cattle drive that had been the unofficial kickoff for Cheyenne Frontier Days for many years was a sight to behold.

Hundreds of cattle would take to the streets, stopping the normal traffic flow as the cattle made their way along I-25 and city streets into Frontier Park. 

The custom had been billed as a way to honor old West traditions of old, and salute the Western way of life.

“We would all love to turn back the clock to a simpler way of life,” they said. “But after careful consideration and consulting with animal experts, we have decided that for this year, we will not have a bucking horse roundup.”

Fans Not Pleased

Cheyenne Frontier Days fans were not pleased with the decision, and took to Facebook to express displeasure with the decision.

“This is one thing I’m very sad to see go,” wrote Crystal Marie on a post in the Cheyenne Community Connections Facebook group. “Since moving to our new home three summers ago, we have been able to just walk down the block and watch it, since we are right of Hynds Blvd.”

Marie added that she’d added her own traditions to the event.

“For two years I’ve made breakfast for friends who would come park at our house so we could all watch it with breakfast in our bellies,” she wrote. “Really truly sad to see this go.”

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