Witnesses Say Sheridan Woman Pulled Knife After Twerking Battle Gone Wrong

The drinking buddies of a 30-year-old woman in Sheridan say she swung a knife at them after a "twerking battle" ended poorly at her home. The woman's arraignment is set for next month.

Clair McFarland

June 17, 20245 min read

Jade Roundstone
Jade Roundstone (Cowboy State Daily Staff)

A 30-year-old Sheridan, Wyoming, woman is accused of swinging a knife at her boyfriend and friends after a “twerking battle” ended poorly at her home.

Jade Roundstone’s aggravated assault and battery case rose to the felony-level Sheridan County District Court last week. She’s scheduled to give a plea July 9.

Court documents allege that Roundstone was on edge all day May 17 while arguing with her boyfriend, then swung a knife at him and at another woman when she got upset over the result of a twerking contest.  

Roundstone’s mother, Jennifer Redfoxfang, disagrees with the police account, telling Cowboy State Daily on Monday that her daughter’s friends placed too much blame on her when talking with police, and that her daughter has turned to alcohol to deal with post-traumatic stress following the loss of her arm.  

Roundstone lost one of her arms in a car crash when she was 11 after an intoxicated driver who’d been giving her a ride pulled out in front of a car too suddenly, Redfoxfang said.

“Her arm went out the window and it dragged and pulled her skin off all the way above her elbow,” said Redfoxfang. “And nothing ever happened to that guy. He ruined her life.”

In her adult life, Roundstone has been drinking to forget that incident, her mother said.

Redfoxfang became emotional talking about what her daughter’s been through.

“I know she’s not the only one that’s going through stuff here. But she’s my daughter, and I love her very much, and I just wish I could do something for her,” said Redfoxfang. “And she does she really tries, in spite of everything.”

Visible Injuries

The investigation started May 17 when Sheridan Police Department Officer Amanda Fischer responded to a home on Canby Street, which court documents list as Roundstone’s address, in response to a report of an attack involving a deadly weapon.

The woman who called 911 said Roundstone was threatening people with a knife. When police arrived, the caller and a second woman were standing in the street.

One responding agent told the second woman to have emergency medical personnel check her since she had visible injuries, according to an evidentiary affidavit filed in the case.

Twerking Gone Wrong

Roundstone told Fischer that she and the women were having a twerking contest, but the other two women got upset when Roundstone won the contest, the affidavit relates from Roundstone’s interview with the officer.

Roundstone reportedly claimed that one of the women punched her in the face and grabbed her hair.

“Roundstone had no observable injuries,” Fischer noted as a counterpoint in the affidavit.  

Roundstone also allegedly denied having the knife. She had “difficulty” describing the events because she was so intoxicated and would change her answers to Fischer’s questions, the officer wrote.

The Knife

The woman who had called 911 reportedly told Fischer that the three women, and Roundstone’s boyfriend, were all hanging out in the living room of the home that evening, drinking and having a good time when they decided to have a twerking battle.

Roundstone became confrontational after the battle, went to the kitchen and grabbed a large knife with a black handle, allegedly. The affidavit says Roundstone raised the knife over her head and said she’d stab someone while charging at her own boyfriend and at the woman who later called 911.

The woman snatched the knife away from Roundstone, so Roundstone squeezed the woman’s arm to get it back, reportedly.

Fischer noted that the woman who called 911 did have “visible bruising and broken skin on her upper right arm.”

The second woman came outside to break up the fight, so Roundstone started punching that woman in the face, the affidavit says.

That was when the first woman called 911. 

But She Was On Edge All Day

Roundstone’s boyfriend said the altercation started over the twerking battle, but Roundstone had been on edge all day, the affidavit relates from the boyfriend’s interview.

The boyfriend reportedly said he was able to get the knife away from Roundstone and put it in the kitchen sink.

“I located a large kitchen knife with a black handle as described, near the sink and collected it as evidence,” Fischer wrote. 

Couple’s Fight

The second woman, whom Roundstone allegedly punched in the face, said Roundstone and the boyfriend had been fighting all day. The other two women left the home earlier that day to give them some space, she added.

They came back that evening. The woman said she was outside playing with the dogs when the knife attack started, the affidavit relates.

She said Roundstone punched her in the nose and kicked her in the ribs when she came inside and tried to intervene. The woman also reportedly complained of severe pain to her knee. She was taken to the hospital, says the affidavit.

Fischer arrested Roundstone.

If convicted, Roundstone could face up to 11 years of incarceration. She faces one count of felony aggravated assault, which is punishable by up to 10 years in prison, and one count each of misdemeanor battery, each of which carries a potential jail sentence of up to six months.

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