Dave Simpson: What's A Republican Voter To Do?

Columnist Dave Simpson writes, "Mike Yin of Jackson was 'extremely confused' by my column last week. And I understand perfectly. I'd be confused too if I was a Democrat elected by Jackson Democrats."

Dave Simpson

June 10, 20244 min read

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Mike Yin of Jackson was “extremely confused” by the column I wrote last week.

And I understand perfectly.

I'd be confused too if I was a Democrat elected by Jackson Democrats. For them, it's simple.

The column was headlined, “Rare Democrats Spotted in Casper,” and a quote under the headline asked, “What do Wyoming Democrats and Weak Sauce Republicans have in common? They both can't stand the Wyoming Freedom Caucus.”

The column was posted on Facebook, and Yin, a Democrat member of the Wyoming House of Representatives, commented: “I'm extremely confused at what the point of this column is.”

The confusion Rep. Yin feels is easily explained.

He's a Jackson Democrat, elected by Jackson Democrats. The relationship could not be more direct, straightforward, and honest.

Their stunning community in the shadow of the Tetons attracts folks who can afford “average” $7 million single-family homes. Many are the ultra wealthy, who commonly vote liberal Democrat.

They're Democrats, and they send Democrat Mike Yin to Cheyenne. Simple as that.

Compare that to the dilemma faced by your average Wyoming Republican, who has to choose between two very different versions of “R”s on the primary ballot – the more left-tolerant Wyoming Caucus moderates, and the the Wyoming Freedom Caucus conservatives.

I tend to side with the Freedom Caucus.

I think the Wyoming Caucus moderates represent the pre-Trump establishment in our state, defenders of the status quo who have lately found themselves at odds with some bills strongly supported by many Republicans, issues involving kids, gender, guns, and spending.

If you look at the voting records of legislators – and there are those who think you shouldn't – you find that many moderate Republicans vote a lot closer to the few Democrats in the Legislature (there are only seven) than to their “fellow” Republicans – actual conservatives - who don't vote anything like Democrats.

Some Republicans even vote more like Democrats than some Democrats.

It's gotten so nuts in Cheyenne, with Democrats knowing they have to call themselves Republicans to get elected, that one “Republican” House candidate south of Cheyenne this year was a registered Democrat as recently as February. In another district here, a “Republican” candidate represented the district from 2013 to 2015 as a Democrat.

What the heck is going on?

Combine that with a Republican governor who thinks keeping boys from playing girls' sports is “Draconian,” and who booted a Casper doctor off the state medical board because he opposes gender-altering surgery on children, and you can see the dilemma faced by what columnist Bill Sniffin calls “Common-Sense Conservatives.

For most of the state, it's not as simple as Jackson Democrats voting for a Jackson Democrat legislator.

Luckily, both varieties of Republicans seem to agree that nobody in their right mind could vote for four more years of Joe Biden.

You have to wonder, however, if these new Born Again Republicans agree.

I can't imagine what this country would look like after four more years of illegal immigrants – many of military age -  streaming across our borders; of mayhem in our big cities; of violent people put right back on the street by liberal, big city prosecutors; of Biden's determination to kill our coal industry; of government forcing a shift to electric cars - which people aren't buying - with no idea where the electricity will come from; and when two wars are raging, and more are threatened, in the face of a failing, feckless American president.

You want four more years of that? Not me.

You hate Trump so much that you'll accept four more years of this? Not me.

Is this any time to be electing Democrats in sheep's clothing, claiming they've had  some kind of Republican epiphany?

This at a time when the interest payments on the national debt now exceed what we spend on defense, and the national debt grows by $1 trillion every three months.

Pundit Dan Bongino says, “There are many Republicans who are really Democrats, but no Democrats who are really Republicans.”

I completely understand Mike Yin's confusion, because he has an honest relationship with his mostly Democrat voters. He's what they want.

If only Republicans could enjoy such clarity.

Dave Simpson can be reached at: DaveSimpson145@hotmail.com

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