Letter To The Editor: Gordon Is A True Cowboy

Dear editor: "Currently there is one real cowboy in the governor’s office doing his job. Like him or not, Gov. Gordon is looking out for Wyoming."

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March 30, 20244 min read

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Dear editor,

Where have all the cowboys gone? Seriously.

The last session of the Wyoming Legislature was more like a group of dime-store cowboys trying to show their worth as they rode the store horse for a quarter.

What struck me most about the dudes causing the problems is the lack of research on the issues that were discussed. I often heard as I watched the session, “I’ve heard about …. Or I feel…” This is a governing body; we need facts, not feelings.

Real cowboys know facts. Dudes are not real cowboys, they just dress like them.

They don’t want to do the real work, but want to look like them.

They like to talk like a cowboy but don’t really know what it takes to be a cowboy.

They put their quarter in old trigger next to the check-out stand and enjoy the 2-minute ride. So again, I ask, where have all the Wyoming cowboys gone?

Currently there is one real cowboy in the governor’s office doing his job. Like him or not, Gov. Gordon is looking out for Wyoming.

You can holler and scream all you want that he is a RINO because he said Wyoming should investigate all sources of energy, but that would be selling our great state short if we didn’t take advantage of all options.

Technology is changing every day and faster than we can keep up with it. A dude sees coal mines as the only way for energy.

A cowboy sees a way to keep those mines open and retain jobs, while also creating a new industry maybe in carbon capture.

Ask yourself and your dude legislator why they are in bed with the environmentalist and want to stop carbon capture?

Wyoming could be the leader in carbon capture and create another revenue stream, thus ensuring the lovely no state income tax we all enjoy. But if the dudes have their way, we will eventually have a state income tax.

In one recent press release regarding the proposed special session, it was stated that the governor was wrong to do vetoes. What?

I’m pretty sure it’s part of his constitutional duty and part of the whole check and balances thing. Just like asking for a special session to address emergency issues is the duty of the legislature.

But are the vetoes really an emergency? Will not having gun free school zones and every property owner in the state getting a property tax reduction stop the state from running efficiently?

I’m guessing the dudes are looking at the upcoming election and want to make sure they tell their constituents “We showed that RINO Cowboy who is in charge.”

And some of their constituents will cheer and eat it up. But was Gov. Gordon wrong? Sounds to me like he is the true conservative saying there was some redistribution of wealth going on.

We must remember real cowboys and real conservatives for that matter, pay for want they want.

But again, where are the Wyoming cowboys I know and grew up with? Have the dudes really frightened you by calling you the establishment?

I like being called an establishment Republican. Yep, that’s me. I am part of that group of Wyoming cowboys and cowgirls that established the wonderful way of life we have today.

Those real cowboys established a solid foundation that frankly has attracted many of the dudes who have moved here because they wanted the Wyoming way of life. Until realizing it meant getting along, finding compromise, and building relationships.

The dudes don’t want to build but want to tear down. Dudes attend carefully controlled and scripted events where their marching orders are passed out.

Dudes need direction because they are not real cowboys. They need to make sure their boots and fringe are approved by their handlers. Whereas a real cowboy thinks for himself, does research, listens, and looks out for the entire state.

I know none of my rambling will make a difference. But I hope more real Wyoming cowboys stand up and tell the dudes to go home.

I also hope some of the dudes that use to be real cowboys come to their senses soon.

Jackie Van Mark, Torrington

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