No Arrests Yet In Fatal Tuesday Stabbing On Reservation

One man died Wednesday morning following a reported Tuesday stabbing on the Wind River Indian Reservation. A police call log says the victim's sister's boyfriend stabbed him, but the FBI hasn't arrested anyone yet. 

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January 03, 20242 min read

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A man died Wednesday following a stabbing that reportedly happened Tuesday afternoon where the Wind River Indian Reservation meets the county land west of Riverton, Wyoming.

No arrests have been made, the FBI reports.  

Local police say it was victim's sister's boyfriend who did the stabbing.  

“(The reporting party’s) boyfriend stabbed her brother,” reads a Riverton Police Department notation on its daily call log, sent to Cowboy State Daily on Wednesday morning.  

The reported stabbing happened Tuesday just before 1:55 p.m. on Riverview Road, the notation says.  

So far, Fremont County Coroner Erin Ivie is not identifying the victim publicly. She confirmed that a victim died in Casper on Wednesday morning, and that her deputy went to retrieve the decedent.  

Natrona County Coroner James Whipps also confirmed as much, saying though the victim died in his county, the case is not his because state law sends coroner cases back to the county in which the fatal incident originated.  

Ivie also did not provide the man's age or other details Wednesday.

This Checkerboard 

The FBI confirmed to Cowboy State Daily in a Wednesday email that it is investigating the death and had not yet made any arrests.  

The agency also declined to identify the victim, saying the coroner will do so.  

“As this is an ongoing investigation, no other information is available at this time,” says the FBI’s email.  

Because the reported stabbing happened on the Wind River Indian Reservation instead of on county, city or other private lands, federal investigators and prosecutors have jurisdiction over it.  

The Fremont County Sheriff’s Office was on scene to help, but isn’t investigating the case, Fremont County Undersheriff Mike Hutchison said Wednesday.  

Riverview Road, where the stabbing was reported, is a long road stretching northwest along and beyond the town of Riverton, patched with bits of reservation land.  

“It’s like a checkerboard through there along Riverview. It zigzags in and out of the reservation,” said Hutchison. “One block it is reservation, and one block it’s not.” 

The mottled jurisdiction can be hard to deal with “at times,” but the office is pretty used to it, Hutchison said.

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