Former James Bond Actor Pierce Brosnan Cited For Veering Off Yellowstone Path

Former James Bond actor Pierce Brosnan was ticketed on Tuesday for going into a closed area of Yellowstone National Park and veering off the designated path at Mammoth Terraces.

Clair McFarland

December 27, 20232 min read

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Pierce Brosnan, the Irish actor famous for his run playing James Bond and many other film and television roles, was cited Tuesday for reportedly veering onto Yellowstone’s Mammoth Terraces when the area was closed.  

The Wyoming U.S. Attorney’s Office confirmed to Cowboy State Daily on Wednesday that the two citations for Pierce B. Brosnan, dating from alleged Nov. 1 violations, are indeed for the famous actor. His address listed on the court file is in Beverly Hills.  

Brosnan did not immediately respond to a request for comment placed to his website’s contact page.  

One of the two citations says that Brosnan was walking in a thermal area. Yellowstone federal rules mandate park visitors to stay on the designated paths.  

The other says he violated a closure of the Mammoth Terraces, a tall structure of mineralized hot spring tiers. 

Yellowstone National Park’s spokeswoman did not immediately respond Wednesday to a voicemail requesting comment.  

Brosnan is required to be in court Jan. 23 at the Yellowstone Justice Center, before U.S. Magistrate Judge Stephanie Hambrick.

Dangerous Thermals

Hambrick in a sentencing hearing in November 2022 emphasized how delicate — and dangerous — Yellowstone’s thermal features are.

“Individuals either voluntarily or sometimes involuntarily wind up in a thermal feature and suffer very, very severe burns and injuries, and sometimes even death,” she said.

The judge then reflected on the death of a man who apparently used a thermal pool to kill himself earlier that prior summer.

There have been numerous other reports of Yellowstone visitors leaving the designated paths at thermal pools and features. In June, a visitor captured video of a pair of other visitors intentionally leaving the boardwalk at a thermal to attempt to touch the superheated and acidic water.

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