Prison Time Likely For Wyoming Man Who Punched Daughter Until She Wanted To Vomit

A Wyoming man who pleaded guilty to beating his children could get 10-16 years in prison. Case documents show the man would punch, smack or throw one daughter until she felt like vomiting and smacked a boy with a snow shovel.

Clair McFarland

November 21, 20232 min read

Joshua Idler
Joshua Idler (Cowboy State Daily Staff)

A Sundance man charged with viciously beating his children last year has arrived at a plea agreement and could face between 10 and 16 years in prison.

Joshua Idler, 36, is set to be sentenced Jan. 18. He pleaded guilty last month to two counts of child abuse and one of assault.

In addition to pleading guilty, he also admitted to violating his probation for a 2021 child abuse conviction, according to his plea agreement.

Crook County Deputy Attorney Jeani Stone will argue at Idler’s sentencing for a two- to six-year prison sentence on the earlier conviction, to be imposed because of Idler failing probation. She also plans to argue for another eight to 10 years concurrent (simultaneous) sentences on the three felony counts from Idler’s new case of abusing his children in late 2022.

Stone will also argue for the different terms from the cases to run consecutively to one another, for a maximum of 16 years in prison, according to the plea agreement.

Idler, however, may argue for whatever sentence he deems appropriate.

The prosecutor will agree that Idler can remain out of jail on bond pending sentencing, the agreement says.

Last Winter

Idler was charged after the Crook County Sheriff’s Office responded Dec. 8 to a report that Idler was abusing at least one of his six children, according to an evidentiary affidavit filed in the case.

One of his daughters told authorities in a later interview that she did something wrong that day, and Idler started yelling. When she tried to correct her mistake, she made it worse and Idler punched and choked her, the affidavit says.

The document says Idler threw the girl against the wall that day, injuring her foot.

Idler’s abuse was the worst when the girl would say the wrong things, then her father would punch, smack or throw her until she felt like she was going to vomit or she couldn’t breathe, says the affidavit.

Another daughter recounted having her hair pulled and being kicked.

She said Idler banged her head against a wall.

Another boy recalled Idler smacking him with a snow shovel, the affidavit says.

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