Hageman Calls Biden Wire Transfers ‘Simple And Obvious’ Corruption

Rep. Harriet Hageman says Tuesday’s revelation that $260,000 in wire transfers from China to President Joe Biden’s home address in 2019 is an example of “simple and obvious corruption.”

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September 27, 20233 min read

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U.S. Rep. Harriet Hageman said a Tuesday revelation that Hunter Biden received more than $250,000 in wire transfers in 2019 from his Chinese business partners, with President Joe Biden’s home address listed as the beneficiary address for the funds, is evidence of “simple and obvious corruption” by the president.

Hageman said the bank records obtained and publicized by the House Oversight Committee is another reason to consider impeaching Biden.

“Well, now we know that Joe Biden’s home address was listed on wire transfers from China, even after he flatly denied that his son Hunter ever made money from doing business in that communist country,” Hageman said in a Tuesday evening statement. “That was yet another lie in this sorry tale of basic, simple and obvious corruption.”

Hunter Biden is listed as the recipient of the two wire transfers, but his father’s Delaware home address is listed with it.


According to Fox News, Hunter Biden spent time in 2017, 2018 and 2019 living at the Biden family home in Delaware. It’s unclear if he was living there at the exact time of the wire transfers in July and August 2019. The wires were sent a few months after Biden started his 2020 presidential campaign.

During an October 2020 debate against then-President Donald Trump, Biden said his son never made any money from business dealings in China.

The two people who wired Hunter Biden money work for a business that is co-owned by the state-owned Bank of China. 

President Biden wrote college recommendation letters in 2017 to one of the Chinese individuals who wired his son money two years later.

Biden has consistently denied having any discussions with his other family members about their business dealings. The White House maintains that the president was "never in business with his son."


Hageman has been outspoken about her belief that President Biden has committed corruption regarding Ukraine and China and supports the inquiry into his impeachment. The investigation into Hunter Biden has become a centerpiece of impeachment talks.

“Over the last several weeks alone, we have learned of 5,400 Joe Biden emails sent under pseudonyms, his lunch meetings with oligarchs, phone conference calls to Hunter’s business meetings, and over 150 flagged Biden family bank transactions,” Hageman said. “As the impeachment inquiry ramps up, I look forward to helping the American people understand the depths of this scandal.”

Last week, Attorney General Merrick B. Garland defended the Justice Department’s investigation of Hunter Biden, telling Hageman’s House Judiciary Committee he was “not Congress’s prosecutor” and would not reveal details of the inquiry no matter how much lawmakers demanded them.

The Hunter Biden investigation has focused on weapons charges and potential offenses stemming from his lucrative consulting work on behalf of foreign companies in Ukraine, China and Romania that began when his father was vice president.

Republicans are most interested in these business dealings and have alleged that the president aided and profited from his son’s private ventures.

House Oversight Committee Chairman Rep. James Comer, R-Kentucky, has been investigating the Biden family’s business dealings over the past year and the president’s alleged involvement in those ventures. 

"Bank records don’t lie, but President Joe Biden does," Comer told Fox News.

​​Comer and his Oversight Committee have obtained bank records as part of their investigation alleging that the Biden family received millions of dollars from oligarchs in Russia, Ukraine, Romania and Kazakhstan during the Obama administration.

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