Game and Fish Traps, Relocates Grizzly Hanging Around Highway

Wildlife agents captured and relocated a young male grizzly near Moran on Saturday because it was hanging out too close to a highway. It was one of numerous incidents involving bears this year in Wyoming, Montana and Idaho.

Mark Heinz

August 29, 20232 min read

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Wildlife agents have trapped and relocated a young male grizzly bear that had been hanging around too close to a highway in Teton County.

The bear was relocated Saturday because of “habituated roadside behavior that resulted in human safety issues on a state highway,” according to the Wyoming Game and Fish Department.

People had also been encouraging the bear with “unethical wildlife viewing practices,” the agency reported.

The bear was trapped and then released in the remote Fall River drainage about 28 miles northwest of Moran.

Busy Bear Year

There have been numerous incidents involving black bears and grizzlies this spring and summer, and not all of them have ended well for the bears.

Game and Fish killed a young grizzly in July because that bear had become food conditioned, bold and aggressive in campgrounds in northwest Wyoming.

Amie Adamson, 47, of Derby, Kansas, was killed by a grizzly near West Yellowstone, Montana, in July. Game agents stopped looking for a female grizzly believed to be the bear that killed Adamson after that bear and her cub apparently left the area.

It’s believed that Adamson was attacked because she startled the grizzly and her cub at close range on a hiking trail.

In the Sheridan area, two black bears were killed by wildlife agents, and others had to be trapped an relocated after conflicts with people there.  

There also were numerous incidents involving black bears in Colorado and Idaho.

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