‘We’re Coming For Your Children’ Chant At LGBTQ Parade Is ‘Sickening,’ Says Degenfelder

Wyoming's top educator Megan Degenfelder said demonstrators chanting "we're coming for your children" at an LGBTQ parade this weekend is 'sickening.' Although some demonstrators said it was a joke, Degenfelder said the protection of children is "never a joking matter."

Clair McFarland

June 27, 20233 min read

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News of Pride Month demonstrators in New York City calling for others’ children is “sickening,” according to Wyoming’s top educator. 

On Saturday, video surfaced of demonstrators at an LGBTQ pride parade in New York City – many scantily clad – chanting “We’re here! We’re queer! We’re coming for your children.” Other demonstrators can be heard shouting “We’re not going shopping,” instead of “we’re coming for your children.” 

Megan Degenfelder, Wyoming Superintendent of Public Instruction, told Cowboy State Daily on Monday that the video raises concerns. 

“The news of mob chants targeting children and parents is sickening,” said Degenfelder. “Incidents like this continue to reinforce my mission of protecting the rights of parents.” 

Degenfelder emphasized parental rights throughout her 2022 campaign, and has continued to pursue the goal in office. 

Many commenters on Twitter, however, said the chant was meant to “troll” conservatives, and their frequently-voiced fears that LGBTQ people are targeting others’ children. 

“You’re so weak it’s laughable,” said one Twitter user. “Gays were literally mocking you. Trolling you and right wing attacks. And they have every right to fight back.” 

Another user posted “It’s time for some critical thinking skills and (to) recognize that you’re being made fun of.” 

Degenfelder countered. 

“The rights of parents and the safety of minor children will never be a joking matter,” she said. 

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Last Week, Moms For Liberty

Mocking or not, state Sen. Cale Case, a libertarian-leaning Republican delegate from Lander, said it’s time for both sides to scale back the vitriolic catch phrases. 

“I am thinking both sides could tone it down a bit,” said Case. 

A similar exchange of barbs occurred last week when some on the social-political left ridiculed a Moms For Liberty Group, for quoting Adolf Hitler in a newsletter with the words “He alone, who OWNS the youth, GAINS the future.” 

Moms For Liberty is a group of parents’-rights advocates who oppose sexually-graphic books in schools. 

“Jeez. Moms for Liberty is really saying the quiet part out loud, aren’t they?” said Twitter profile BetterWyoming in a Friday post. 

“Our Moms condemn Hitler and everything he did and represents,” said group host Tiffany Justice in a statement, then implying that the quote was targeted at both group’s current foes and tyrants of the past, who “thought they owned the children.” 

Tricky Videos, Nowadays

Critics of the pride parade video backlash have said the video appears edited, or like one prominent voice behind the camera shouts “We’re coming for your children,” while all the others depicted shout “We’re not going shopping.” 

However, multiple voices can be heard shouting “we’re coming for your children” from various angles and at different times.  

Numerous news outlets including Newsweek and DailyMail have reported on the video.

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