Marton Ranch Plan Gets Final OK, Area Remains Open To Public

A public use plan for the sprawling Marton Ranch property near Casper was finalized Monday, as Gov. Mark Gordon accepted a final assessment based on an extended public comment period.

Mark Heinz

June 26, 20231 min read

An aerial view of the Marton Ranch property near Casper.
An aerial view of the Marton Ranch property near Casper. (Courtesy photo)

With Gov, Mark Gordon’s approval, the Bureau of Land Management’s takeover of the sprawling Marton Ranch property near Casper has cleared its final strand of red tape.

The nearly 37,000-acre property along the North Platte River was sold to the BLM last year and opened to the public. The Marton family retained some grazing rights and will continue to graze cattle there.

However, Gordon last year called for an extended public comment period to address concerns over the property’s land use plan.

Conclusion Reached

In a statement on Monday, Gordon’s office said those concerns had been addressed in roughly 350 additional public comments.

“Comments were incorporated into the final EA (environmental assessment) published and signed today, which should bring a conclusion to this matter,” Gordon stated. “Planning regarding the BLM’s management of the property will take place in the near future and include public comments and state and county involvement.”

No more significant infrastructure is planned on the ranch property, according to the BLM.

The property is a wildlife haven that offers hunting, birdwatching, hiking and other activities. The adjacent river is prized for its blue-ribbon trout fishing.

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