Sightings Of Superstar Celebrity Chef Guy Fieri Reported Across Northern Wyoming

Food Network celebrity chef Guy Fieri has been spotted across northern Wyoming this week reportedly shooting for his popular TV shows, and he may be in Cody now.

Renée Jean

June 23, 20234 min read

Guy Fieri talks with fans of the Weitzel's Wings food truck in Laramie during a 2021 visit. Fieri filmed segments for six of his "Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives" show during that visit.
Guy Fieri talks with fans of the Weitzel's Wings food truck in Laramie during a 2021 visit. Fieri filmed segments for six of his "Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives" show during that visit. (Greg Johnson, Cowboy State Daily File, via Food Network)

The “Mayor of Flavortown” himself, Food Network star Guy Fieri is still in Wyoming, and sightings of the spiky-haired superstar chef have fueled all sorts of speculation about where the superstar TV host is now.

A brief in the Cody Enterprise suggests he’s in Park County for the week, while a Facebook post Wednesday suggests he might still be in Sheridan.

The uncertainty had people in food shops across the Cowboy State launching social media campaigns hoping to attract Fieri’s attention. 

“Hey everybody! Guy Fieri is coming to Wyoming this week,” a post from Jordan Davis reads. “Let’s get him to Sheridan! I need EVERYBODY to PLEASE copy and post this: @Guy Fieri PLEASE COME TO @Glazed ’N Confused!” 

It was followed by a number of hashtags, including #foodnetworkmagazine #guyfieri #donuts #Wyoming #GuytoGlazed.

Davis told Cowboy State Daily through Facebook chat that the campaign ultimately wasn’t successful in attracting Fieri to the store, though the store’s Powderhorn confection was just given a nod in Food Network Magazine as one of 50 over-the-top treats in the United States.

“It would have been cool to put the icing on the cake with a visit with Guy the day the article came out. He was at a shop literally 100 yards from my store!” Davis said.

Davis told Cowboy State Daily he wasn’t allowed to say which store that was.

“He hit a few places up here and one in Buffalo,” he said.

The spot in Buffalo was likely the TA Ranch

What’s A Powderhorn

Glazed ’N Confused is a popular donut shop in Sheridan on 1935 Coffeen Ave. Its Powderhorn is a new creation altogether. It is a donut ice cream cone, filled with ice cream of course, and finished with sprinkles and chocolate toppings. 

It comes with an optional coffee shot for that little something extra. 

Davis developed her idea for the treat after seeing photographs from friends of something similar.

“I did a naming competition last summer and had over 50 responses,” Davis said. “It landed on the Powderhorn by vote.”

It took a fair amount of experimentation to get everything just right for the donut ice cream cone, particularly that characteristic horn shape that makes the cone so cool.

Once he had a good process, he just “got creative with the toppings,” and the Powderhorn was born.

“This is all such cool timing,” Davis added. “We also just launched a food truck and a board game called Donut Land. Fun Stuff!”

Davis hadn’t yet announced the donut shop would be offering ice cream, but with the Food Network article’s release, he was shouting about it from the social media rooftops, maybe a little earlier than planned.

The ice cream filling the donut ice cream cone is a made and named-for Sheridan product.

“Help us celebrate this milestone and thank you Sheridan for your support!” Davis posted June 20.

Cody Connection

The Cody Enterprise, meanwhile, is reporting that Fieri is already in Park County, where he’s expected to be filming at an undisclosed location Sunday for two of his popular programs, “Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives” and “Guy’s All-American Road Trip.”

The information was discussed at a board meeting of the Park County Travel Council on June 15.

Park County Travel Executive Director Ryan Hauck told the board one episode is expected to air later this year on Food Network, while the second would air sometime in 2024.

While Hauck wouldn’t say where the filming was to be done, a comment on a Facebook post about Fieri’s appearance in Cody suggests the location could have been a food truck near Our Place, a local café.

“While we were eating at ‘Our Place’ mid-morning (Wednesday) there were people outside with a boom mike, lighting, etc. in the parking lot where there is a wood-fired pizza food truck — maybe??” Diane Plan wrote.

Other’s speculated that it could be Cassie’s or Get Loaded BBQ.

The spotting of Fieri in Cody, however, hasn’t stopped other communities from launching social media campaigns to get Fieri to come check them out.

Bunk BBQ has been urging people to tag Guy Fieri with the Rendezvous City Beef Roundup in Riverton, while Bob’s Diner & Bakery had tagged Fieri with an invitation to visit there in Greybull.

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