Cheyenne Man Harasses Target Employees, Compares Them To Nazis

A Cheyenne man repeatedly harassed Target employees and compared them to Nazis because they wouldn't agree with his opinion about the appropriateness of an LGBTQ "Pride" display in the store.

Clair McFarland

June 02, 20234 min read

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When a Cheyenne man confronted his local Target store manager this week in a video he later posted to social media, the manager stood her ground.  

Donnie Crerar wheeled into target on a motorized cart, criticized the LGBTQ “Pride” collection of adult, youth and baby clothing, and asked to speak to a manager.  

A store “leader” summoned the manager, a woman named Crystal.  

“How do you feel about this, with you guys putting this stuff out there for little kids to see?” asked Crerar in the video.  

“I don’t really have an opinion. We get paid hourly; Target’s a huge corporation,” answered Crystal. She said she understood how “you guys feel about it.”

Crerar compared Crystal to the Nazis who turned in Jewish Holocaust casualty Anne Frank, whose childhood diary is a lodestar of the tragedy.  

“Some of the people who reported Anne Frank were just doing their job too,” said Crerar.  

“Right, but I’m not a NAZI,” answered Crystal.

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‘I love Target’

Crerar continued along this theme, and Crystal said, “I love Target. Target’s been good to me.” 

She’s worked there 24 years and the store has provided for her children, she said.  

“Target’s taught me to have respect and kindness even if I believe in (this merchandise) or not,” she said. “I can still respect people that choose that.”  

Crerar said most of the “Pride” merchandise is related to pedophilia. He said people go to Target stores, look at “sections like this,” corner kids and masturbate.  

“I have no idea what you’re talking about,” said Crystal. “I don’t see anything over here that would cause that.”  

The two parried some more.  

“You don’t have to shop at Target,” said Crystal. “We’re not making you guys come in and shop here. So if it bothers you, shop at Walmart.”  

Crerar said that we should all be a community and look out for children.  

Crystal said even decisions about how to raise children as a society are a matter of opinion.  

Crerar asked Crystal if she thinks a 15-year-old or 14-year-old girl can consent to sex.  

“None of your business,” said Crystal. “I don’t have to voice my opinion.” She then encouraged Crerar to contact Target headquarters with his concerns.

Ultimately, she walked away.  

The Might Of The State 

Crerar’s video, posted May 24, received more than 50 comments on his Facebook page as of Friday. One commenter said the state or local officials should “ban this crap,” and Crerar responded, “yes sir bro!” 

In a later interview with Cowboy State Daily, Crerar said he was “still learning” his stance on whether the state should police what stores like Target can and cannot sell.  

Crerar said he made the video to bring awareness that “this stuff is going on” in Wyoming.  

“When it comes to certain things like our children, there’s no negotiations. There’s nothing that’s OK when it comes to children,” he said.  

Crerar noted that in 2017, he was charged in Cheyenne with third- and fourth-degree sexual abuse of a minor, but that those charges were later dismissed. He said the charges were the result of a family feud.  

Visibility Is Important 

Stuart Campbell of Pride Cheyenne declined to rebut Crerar’s video, saying, “I’m not going to comment on anything this guy has to say.”  

Campbell reiterated his stance from a past interview on the Target store’s “Pride” collection, that “visibility is important” to LGBTQ people and it was saddening to see Target hide the collection soon after the same controversy erupted on a national scale.  

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