St. Patrick’s Photo of the Day: Longmire’s Craig Johnson In Sky Blue Bronco With Giant Inflatable Beer

Famed Wyoming author Craig Johnson wished his fans a happy, but safe, St. Patrick's Day on Friday. The Longmire author was in his vintage Ford Bronco along with a humongous bottle of Rainier beer in the bed.

Jimmy Orr

March 17, 20232 min read

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It’s always good to remind people not to overindulge on a holiday and then get behind the wheel.

Famed Wyoming author Craig Johnson had such a message for his fans on Friday, cautioning them on this St. Patrick’s Day to have fun but to take it easy.

It’s one thing to say it, it’s another thing to have compelling imagery to augment the message.

And that he had.

The Longmire author was pictured in what looks to be an impeccable vintage sky-blue Ford Bronco with a giant bottle — presumably inflatable — of Rainier beer in the bed of the vehicle.

Even if it wasn’t inflatable, nothing appears to be amiss as the bottle is closed. Which could communicate his dedication to safety and the law.

“Happy St. Patrick’s Day everybody, behave responsibly,” he wrote.

Messages to Johnson were not immediately returned, sadly. 

We wanted to know the year of the Bronco, and where he was headed with the giant Rainier.

It’s not the first time Johnson has posted about one of his vehicles. Just days before, he posted a photo of his 20-year-old Ford pickup truck adorned with two license plates.

The legal one, a vanity plate from Johnson County with the name WALT on it (a nod to his main Longmire character) – and a fun plate where the fictitious Walt Longmire resides, Absaroka County.

When they say Ford Tough, this one is. The mileage is impressive.

“Bought her in ’02 and she’s hitting 300,000 miles today… Time for an oil change and maybe a bath,” he wrote.

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