Woman Streaks Through Downtown Cheyenne Because Voices In Her Head Told Her To ‘Air It Out’

After she told police she went streaking through downtown Cheyenne on Wednesday because the voices in her head told her to "air it out," Alissa Marie Arellano was arrested on an outstanding warrant and ticketed for public intoxication and indecent exposure.

March 16, 20232 min read

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(Cowboy State Daily Staff)

A Cheyenne woman went streaking through town Wednesday when the voices in her head told her to “air it out,” authorities say. 

Alissa Marie Arellano, 25, was running naked through downtown Cheyenne at about 5 p.m. while allegedly under the influence of methamphetamine and marijuana, according to a statement by Cheyenne Police Department Officer Teralyn Alarid. 

Alarid wrote that she was dispatched to the area of Evans Avenue and East 21st Street in response to a report of lewdness.  

She found Arellano on a porch on East 20th Street, naked and appearing intoxicated.  

“Arellano stated she was running naked through downtown due to voices in her head telling her to ‘air it out,’” Alarid wrote.  

Arellano also reportedly told Alarid she’d used marijuana and meth, and had “pinpoint pupils, delayed responses to my questions and a lack of attention.” 

A dispatch check found Arellano had a March 10 Laramie County warrant outstanding for failure to appear in court on a drug possession charge.  

Alarid arrested Arellano, handcuffed her and put her into a patrol vehicle, the statement reads. Arellano then was booked into the Laramie County Detention Center on the warrant and issued a citation for indecent exposure and public intoxication.  

The Laramie County booking sheet shows that Arellano lives in Cheyenne, is 5-foot-9, weighs 135 pounds and has black hair and brown eyes.

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