Letter To The Editor: Bouchard Has Moral Compass That Rest Of Legislature Needs

Dear editor: I did some investigation on the term "f***king idiot" using the urban dictionary....

March 01, 20232 min read

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(Cowboy State Daily Staff)

Dear Editor,

I did some investigation on the term “f***king idiot” using the urban dictionary. 

It appears that the words individually have separate unrelated meanings, but when used together have a distinct definition: “Someone who has not sufficiently assessed the situation and takes actions (or states opinions) with the effect of putting themselves or others at significant risk of grave physical harm or death.”  

I think this accurately sums up the situation of Ms. James’ opinion regarding Chloe’s Law. 

Though, not my preferred choice of words, the definition could also be used to describe the committees and Speaker who have gone out of their way to put our children at risk to simply further or empower an LGBTQ… agenda. 

The Senate Leadership seems to be rouge and does what it wants in spite of constituent opinion.  But personally, I’ll keep re-electing Senator Bouchard to address these issues. 

He has a passion and moral compass severely lacking in the rest of the Legislature that is desperately needed.  I would appreciate in the future if the CSD would include the full transcripts of text dialogues so as a reader we have the complete context and tone of the conversation. 

The selective editing practiced by so much of the media often completely changes the meaning and slant of an article. At least pretend to be better.

One final thought, as a Wyomingite who lives in cattle and oil country unpolished language doesn’t offend me nearly as much as the unscrupulous and tainted agendas of the RINOs and Dems in our Legislative and Executive offices. 

One is talk, the other affects peoples lives.  If they are offended for being called out as wrong in colorful, but accurate language, then may I suggest they start doing right.


Fred Ray
Cheyenne, WY 82009

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