Superstar Social Media Influencer Alix Earle Got Paid $40k-$70k To Spend Weekend In Jackson

It's a good gig if you can get it. Social media superstar Alix Earle spent the weekend in Jackson to promote a skincare product she endorses and got paid between $40k - $70k to do it.

Jake Nichols

February 06, 20236 min read

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Social media influencer Alix Earle did the Jackson Hole thing and probably no one in Wyoming noticed.

At least no one outside of her 4.4 million TikTok followers, anyway. 

If you know, you know.

Earle was in the valley over a long weekend for a cosmetics junket, along with her college roommate Sarah, and an even bigger influencer: Boston-based Mikayla Nogueira. 

Sure, these famous-for-being-famous celebs are no comparison to A-listers that already live in tony Teton County (Harrison Ford, Sandra Bullock, Tiger Woods, Nikki Sixx, et al.) or other personalities like Kanye West and Jeffree Star who have made a home somewhere in Wyoming for the tax breaks or Western vibe. 

Even royals Prince Harry and Meghan Markle dropped by for the Fourth of July parade last summer in downtown Jackson.

The Social Influence 

These kind of marquee luminaries are par for the course in chic Jackson Hole. Hardly anyone bats an eye. 

Modern-day influencers like Alix Earle are even less noteworthy about town, but don’t let that fool you. To her Gen Z screenager loyalists, this YOLO/FOMO slay queen is living her best life online. 

She’s fire.

Earle’s overnight rise to captivate and dominate social media platforms is nothing short of an analytics engineer’s dream. She’s adding 100,000 followers a day to her TikTok account, which will likely be about 5 million by the time this story posts.

In one video, the marketing major admits to skipping class at the University of Miami to party hop into Jackson Hole. Don’t sweat it, girlie, you could probably teach the curriculum at this point. 

With a casual mention, Earle will sell more foundation for Glow Recipe than a 60-second Super Bowl ad might. 

And that’s why the 22-year-old is paid a reported $40,000 to $70,000 for a GRWM (get ready with me) video to her ride-or-die following. 

The marketing maven even has her own recommendation page on Amazon and

Jackson Hole Lifestyle

It’s 7:30 Friday morning when “Big Al,” as she’ll occasionally refer to herself in the third person, dabs on bronzing drops preparing her face to go snowmobiling in Jackson Hole with Old Faithful Tours. 

It’s like Earle is right there chatting with you, her new BFF, over Facetime as you both apply white eyeliner for a night out. 

“I’m sitting on the floor right now because it’s heated and I’m so cold. I’m scared for how cold it’s gonna be out there,” Earle says in her 2-minute WISH ME LUCK TikTok short. “But I’m excited to go snowmobiling. I’ve never driven one myself.”

Earle’s stepmom is Ashley Dupre, the high-end escort caught in a scandal with then-New York Gov. Elliot Spitzer in 2008. She grew up in New Jersey in a fairly well-off family. 

Nowadays Earle pals around with the likes of  Selena Gomez and Miley Cyrus, and has been linked to a romantic relationship with New York Yankee Tyler Wade.


My voice is sooo annoying. But I tried to vlog the night HAHA .. miss it already 🤠🫶🏼🥂 #jacksonhole #vlog #cowboybar

♬ original sound – alix earle

Shallow And Real

Society page shallow? 100%, but she’s also real. Think Paris Hilton but actually likable. Lauren Conrad set squarely in the digital age.

Earle’s appeal goes beyond the skin-deep products she hawks. Behind the luxurious lashes, the bee stung lips and perfected duck face pout is a Florida Barbie doll who is as inviting as it gets. 

Her fans adore her carpe diem lifestyle mixed with heartfelt frankness. She’s open about her struggles with acne. Transparent about a boob job and why others should get one, or not. And her self-deprecating humor is refreshingly un-mean girl. 

She’s a #hotmess and she owns it. 

“I’m delusional,” she said as she prepared for a “cozy cabin chic” dinner in Jackson on Thursday. “Where we go to the bathroom here [at her hotel] is a glass door and I fully just walked right into it. I stubbed my bunion and that really hurt.”

Earle was also unapologetic about showing Jackson Hole plenty of ass.

 “Big Al was trying to drop it low and I slit my pants,” Earle admitted. 

Before that, on her snowmobile trip, the viral vixen unabashedly dropped trou to enjoy a nature pee (is there nothing these GenZ’s won’t put on the interwebs?) to the tune of Dean Martin’s “Let It Snow.” She titled that spot: “Sorry, Glow Recipe,” and likely sold even more Watermelon Dew Drops at $34 for a 40mL bottle.

Tourist Thirst Trap

Just back in country from a Dubai brand trip, Earle spent most of her weekend in Jackson Hole with a high-altitude hangover. 

It was your typical 22-year-old’s trip to the Hole: Shopping for boujee cowgirl duds at Kemo Sabe, sushi downtown before heading to the Million Dollar Cowboy Bar for some dancing. 

“It was $34 for six drinks at the Cowboy,” Earle gushed. “In Miami, it’s, like, $30 for one drink.”

Back at the hotel, Alix and Sarah shake it down on their terrace at the Amangani to the TikTok viral of Ice Spice’s “In Ha Mood” used in the 2008 Barbie movie.

Soaking in the hot tub overlooking the West Bank of Jackson Hole, Earle was not the first to be overwhelmed by the real Wyoming.

“I saw some elk and mooses today,” she exclaimed to her Tokker faithful while waving a phone toward the Tetons. “This view is insane. I’m still not over this. It is so pretty here.”

That’s WY

The TikTok sensation’s 15 minutes began at the turn of the new year. In the hyper-speed cyberworld, her star may already be falling by summer. 


But right now, brows on fleek, anything Alix Earle says lives rent free in her follower’s heads. And anything she does is high-key hysteria. 

Her 74-second “Day-in-the-Life Jackson Hole” TikTok post will do more to put heads in beds than, say, five “That’s WY” Wyoming Office of Tourism ad campaigns combined. Sorry, Diane Shober. 

It’s Alix Earle’s world and we all just watching her live in it.

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