Sergio Maldonado: The Equality State and the Moral Imperative

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By Sergio Maldonado, guest columnist
Sergio Maldonado is running for Superintendent of Public Instruction. He won the Democratic primary in August, 2022.

Wyoming citizens are at the proverbial threshold, from electing the most qualified candidate for Superintendent of Public Instruction.  Statehood, established in 1890, with a constitution that guaranteed quality education, an acceptable level of funding and ensuring that Wyoming will have an educated population.  

We have arrived at a point of disillusionment where there is an urgent need to protect our educational institutions, from the wholesale depredations that have characterized schools, instructors, principals, parents, and superintendents for too long.  

The notion of educational extortion over a period of years by our elected officials must come to a closure.  Our children today, their children and beyond should have an opportunity to enjoy and bask in the richness of an equitably distributed education.  

Furthermore, it is a matter of professionalism, ethics, and human courtesy that Wyoming students and teachers as well as their communities be acknowledged as viable recipients of adequate funding from the Wyoming legislative body. 

I pose the question, are there far too many linear minded politicians who consciously choose to exploit their constituents to the detriment of all and for nothing but political expediency? 

I maintain that a surreal environment may have infected the State of Wyoming as indicated by the consistent lack of funding.  K-12 funding is a must as well as our only land grant University, the University of Wyoming.   As I view the big picture, Wyoming cannot survive espousing a philosophy of “an island of its own.”

Education facilitates the shaping of our society, and the world also.  The body politic must recognize their incongruent values with reality based educational needs and values that can and will distinguish their separation.  The Wyoming legislature must recognize their sworn oath, that is, accountability to their constituents.  

Again, I pose the question, if ideas influence society, then my professional and educational qualifications coupled with my extensive leadership, I will significantly improve our educational programs. 

Is it not the moral imperative within the Equality State to VOTE for the best qualified candidate?  Is there congruence between the Equality State and the Moral Imperative?

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